Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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New flooring and a Trench Drain in Elkridge, MD

Here's a customer that with heavy rains his exising drain wasn't enough to stop water from coming in under his walkout basement door. This issue would cause his basement to flood to his old sump pump was. We installed a TrenchDrain outside the door with some WaterGuard XL as well as our Z Triplesafe 3. He so satisfied with our system, he decided to replace the existing flooring with our Elite Plank- Walnut flooring.

Gwynn Oak MD ,Waterproofing Job

Customer was receiving water in through the front portion of the basement when it rained. We added a clean space vapor barrier to a small portion of the wall, installed a super sump and waterguard to control the water issue. 

Restoration with Waterproof Products = No More Mold in a Baltimore, MD Basement

This basement was getting wet during storms which made the drywall and carpet moldy. Drywall and carpet are made of organic materials so they easily get destroyed by water and mold damage.  The smell was noticeable and something had to be done.  

Basement Systems USA, Inc. went in and first removed the carpet and the bottom of the moldy drywall and did some mold remediation.  The next step was to install the WaterGuard drainage system around the perimeter so that the basement would no longer leak.  The WaterGuard was connected to one of our SuperSump Systems which include a battery back-up pump so that the water can be pumped out even during power failures.  

Once the basement is mold-free and no longer in danger from water seepage, we could start putting things back together. But we would never use organic materials like drywall or carpet to repair the basement.  A special waterproof and inorganic wallboard called Everlast Walls was used to make the basement look beautiful again.  Everlast Walls is made of nonorganic material and is guaranteed for 50 years against water and mold damage.  We also used a special waterproof wood-look flooring so that there would be no danger of water damage. 

The result is easy to see. The basement is not only dry and looks amazing, it has been repaired with the right building materials so that there is no chance of water or mold damage in the future. Another job done right. 

New EverLast Basement Window and WellDuct Window Well Drain in Baltimore City, Maryland

This old, cold, and leaking window needed to be replaced, so we installed an all-vinyl, energy efficient EverLast Basement Window. These windows are airtight but easy to open. When unlocked, both panes can be removed for cleaning or for passing objects through – like a ladder or another item you’d rather not carry through your house. 

We also installed a WellDuct window well drain in the window well outside. This drain is connected into the interior WaterGuard system to prevent window well flooding. We also wanted to prevent vapor transmission through the walls, so the ThermalDry Wall vapor barrier was installed. Not only does ThermalDry Wall help to lower relative humidity, it has a radiant shield which reflects up to 97% of the heat back into the basement.  

Baltimore, MD Rowhome Basement Flooded, Now Dry

These are pictures of a typical city row home basement entry. The stairwells often flood because the drain is not big enough or not connected properly for an outlet.  By installing proper drainage and a large TrenchDrain, the water can now be easily managed.

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