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For 36 years, Tom B. and his family lived with a wet basement that would get 6 to 10 inches of water every time their power went off during a storm. He knew that they would have to fix the problem if they were to stay in the house. A trusted friend recommended Basement Systems USA to Tom. In this video he talks about the entire experience provided by the company, from the sales process, to installation and results. "They were absolutely fantastic! At the end of five days we were convinced we got the A Team.", says Tom.
Tom B. of Forth Washington, PA
Thursday, October 27th
Rev. Justin S. contacted Basement Systems USA after realizing they had humidity and mold issues in the Baltimore, MD chapel's subfloor. The reviews and quality of product prompted him to reach out and ultimately schedule the work. The sales process was direct and solution focused, the crew was very efficent. Justin says he will be recommending Basement Systems USA to people in need not only because of the qualtiy product but because of the ease of working with the office.
Justin S. of Baltimore, MD
Wednesday, January 31st
When Dan H. purchased his Baltimore, MD home, he had great plans to tuns the large basement with great, large windows into a finished space for his family to enjoy. They soon found out that the basement finishing project would have to be postponed because there was a water intrusion problem that would eventually lead to even more problems if not fixed. As a savvy homeowner, he really did his homework when it comes to selecting a company for the job, from getting recommendation from a trusted neighbor, to checking the company's reviews pasted in trusted online sources. That is how he found Basement Systems USA, and after getting to know the products and solutions we offer, he was 100% confident that this was the company for the job. In this video he talks about the experience he had with the company and the results after installation. "I am really happy with the investment that I made.", says Dan.
Dan H. of Baltimore, MD
Thursday, October 27th
  Barbara P. from Baltimore, MD recently hired Basement Systems USA to fix her homes leaky and damp basement. In this video she talks about the experience. Barbara was really impressed with the technologies we provided -- from the drainage to the sump pump systems, and she was particularly impressed with the SaniDry, which will from now on, keep the air dry, cleaner and her basement mold free. "They really know what they're doing and they are really bringing it to the 21st century!", says Barbara.
Barbara P. of Baltimore, MD
Friday, April 7th
Basement Systems USA uses a combination of wall anchors and reinforced carbon strips to stabilize and secure bowing walls in this basement. The wall anchors will overtime straighten and restore the walls into their original position. Scott W. the homeowner speaks about the experience. "I am very happy with the work they've been doing. From the sales guy to they guys who are doing the work", says Scott."The fact that we will have a warranty that we can pass on to the next owner of this house, gives me a little peace of mind."
Scott W. of Parkville, MD
Friday, April 7th
  Two days before the carpenter was scheduled to start finishing his basement into an entertainment room, Ben M. from Parkville, MD walked downstairs to find a trail of water running from the stairs to the wall on the basement floor. He started to remove insulation from the walls where the leaky started and found that one of them had a significant crack, and water was seeping through it. In panic, he immediately started to research for a company to help fix the problem and found Basement Systems USA. In this video the customer talks about the reasons why he chose us to waterproof the basement. "They were clean, they were professional and the products worked", says Ben.
Ben M. of Parkville, MD
Friday, April 7th
Ed Y. from Parkville, MD talks about his experience with a recent basement waterproofing project. He was very impressed to have a manager stop by and check on the work in progress and has already recommended Basement Systems USA to a few of his neighbors who saw the work.
Ed Y. of Parkville, MD
Wednesday, January 31st
I called and spoke to a real person-wow! Was well prepared for what seemed like a great start. So, now we would hear from a sales person. I received a call that afternoon from some guy named Jeff. Well, Jeff was very polite and asked if we wanted him to come out. Yes it was, and low and behold it was going to be our choice when and where. We said the next few days and Jeff says what day was free and then asked what time would be good for us Our day, our time and here comes Jeff – right on time, so here we go. Jeff knew the inside and outside of this business, he had been putting these in for a good many years- We took the tour, and sat down with some brochures of the product that they use and how and what they could do. He gave us what seemed like good info but we wanted to think about it, so we did not commit and told him we would call. We put it off for awhile and Jeff e-mailed me only once to make sure we knew he was still around. Never bothered us as we asked him not to call-we would call him. Got him back and went over our house again and went with most of his idea's. Not pushy at all. Here we go- Here comes a person named Sean to our front door. He told us who and where he was from and what his job was. We went down the stairs and looked over his work assignment, an I got he hek out of there. My wife and I moved and covered some of the basement "things". I went down when I heard the jack hammers, and when I got down the crew had everything else covered up. Sean was answering all my questions and telling me how and when they would be done. Well it turns out that Sean had something to add, good idea that installing a new drain would be better than using our old drain- seems all the downspouts were draining in the old pipe. They added that to the workload. Quite a good salesman. Next Sean said he and his crew were starting the walls. Sean asked what the future of the walls would be - lo and behold we were putting on wall covering that would have to be removed for our future projects. So, we decided to do it right the first time and change the plan. My first choice was the ThermaDry system, so after hearing what was going to be done, Sean said there was a nicer finished wall and it was called ZenWall, I looked at the ZenWall and said it was real nice so he got a price for the new product and that's what we got. It looks great. I just can't say enough about this crew. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! So now the word is out about Basement Systems USA
Chris P. of North East, MD
Thursday, December 28th
I would like to commend Tony and his crew on the French drain install they did at my home. They were professional, polite and neat throughout this installation from beginning to end.
Alfred D. of Laurel Springs, NJ
Tuesday, April 3rd
Jorge was the best! Thank him again for m
Suzann J. of Columbia, PA
Thursday, November 7th
I am really a most satisfied customer.  Your company's quality of service is now the exception in our society but it is still very much appreciated.
Carrol P. of Silver Spring, MD
Monday, May 14th
I would like to personally thank you for your professionalism, understanding, and providing quality repair service outside of your normal servicing areas. In addition, the Service Technician (Dakota) who worked on the sump pump system was exceptional and should be commended for his skillful workmanship
Robert L. of Washington, DC
Monday, August 26th
The crew was very knowledgeable, positive, punctual, tidy, and hardworking They took the time to explain the process and it made sense. I expected it would take much longer than it actually did. So, it was a great overall experience, and, best of all, no more musty smell! They did a great job.
Joseph R. of York, PA
Monday, September 23rd
It went great.The crew was very professional and very kind
Antwan S. of York, PA
Monday, October 14th
The company is amazing. The team knows what they are doing. They are also kind andprofessional.
Denise F. of York, PA
Monday, October 14th
Jeff was very nice and knowledgeable, he took time to explain things in detail.
Clifford M. of Upperco, MD
Thursday, October 15th
Tim was very knowledgeable and personable
Cheryl K. of Reisterstown, MD
Wednesday, May 15th
It is with great pleasure that I report our basement problems are over! Your personnel were very professional in not only their problem solving analysis but also their timely and competent completion of repairs. The outside of our building does not even appear to have been dug up. Thanks again for providing such exceptional quality of workmanship.
Tom, D. of College Park, MD
Friday, February 19th
My experience with them was very good. They were very professional. They were very knowledgeable about what was happening in my house and about the issue that we were having. They didn't try to get us to spend needless amount on items that were not going to do anything different. We had someone come earlier and they were charging arm and leg for the job. But the gentleman from Basement Systems came and checked everything out.He had a computer with him and he pulled out everything and explained all the stuff for about two and half hours. He seemed to be pretty relaxed. I thought that it was expensive but it was fine for what we got.
Chandler D. of Owings Mills, MD
Monday, October 21st
I like working with Dave, he is very responsive to my concerns. I dealt with him alot on the phone. Because they are such a good company, they are giving me great warranties. I like the workmanship of the job so far. The technician that came out found out that the motor in my sump pump was not working, he is very thorough. They would always keep me up to date on what was going on, when they would be arriving, and any new information regarding my service.
Lisa S. of Owings Mills, MD
Tuesday, January 12th
Jeff was very knowledgeable and professional. I felt he was being very honest with me and he earned my trust
Anita C. of Owings Mills, MD
Thursday, March 26th
Great customer support. Bernie was excellent and quite professional. Got the job done in a timely manner.
Girish S. of Ellicott City, MD
Saturday, February 9th
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