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Columbia's Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Basement Systems USA is the local, family owned contractor in Columbia for waterproofing, finishing, crawl space repair and mold removal. With over 75 years combined experience and a full-time, professional staff we are ready to serve you and improve your home. 

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Columbia

Flooding, water seepage or even high humidity can quickly result in mold growth and water damage in your basement or crawl space. We prevent this from happening by installing an interior drainage system in the basement that is connected to a high volume sump pump. Any water that makes it to the basement is collected and pumped out of the home without you even noticing. 

Just like the basement, in the crawl space we similarly place a sump pump system and dehumidifier to prevent water issues. The entire area is encapsulated with vapor barrier to prevent mold growth. Our crawl space system comes with a 25-year warranty. 

We Provide:
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • Humidity Control
  • Structural Repair
  • Basement Egress Windows
You Receive:
  • Permanently Dry Basement
  • Clean Protected Crawlspace
  • Protection against Mold
  • Improved Home Value

If the walls of the basement or bowing inwards we install wall anchors or braces to straighten the walls. If the floor above the crawl space is sagging we install SmartJack support jacks to raise the floor back to a level position. Our Columbia waterproofing systems come with lifetime warranties. 

Basement Finishing & Remodeling in Columbia, MD

Waterproofing your basement prevents outside water from coming in but what if a pipe bursts or the water heater leaks inside the home. A newly finished basement done by your average contractor will mold and rot if there is an internal leak. You'll have to tear out your new basement! We fix this issue.

Our Products Include :
  • Waterproof, washable, insulated walls           
  • Mold-Resistant, No-Sag suspended ceiling
  • Modular carpet, tile & faux wood flooring
  • Basement egress windows

  • Energy-efficient, double-paned basement windows
  • Attractive Sunhouse basement window wells
  • French, bifold, louvre & six-paneled steel doors

Unlike the average Columbia contractor we use completely inorganic, waterproof materials. Even if the basement floods your walls and floors will not be damaged by the water. These waterproof products are patented and are built to create an attractive finished basement that lasts a lifetime.

Columbia Mold Removal & Remediation

At Basement Systems USA, we provide complete mold remediation and removal for basements and crawl spaces. We thoroughly test any questionable areas for mold, and mold removal system is a proven, effective, and lasting solution. Unlike other mold remediation companies, our background in basement & crawl space waterproofing allows us to address the excess moisture that cause the mold growth and make sure that the mold won't come back after it has been remediated. We are also AMA Certified.

Our Services Include :

  • Basement Mold Removal
  • Crawl Space Mold Removal
  • Black Mold Removal
  • Dry Rot Cleaning and Repair


  • Dehumidifier installation
  • Shockwave by Fiberlock Disinfectant & Sanitizer
  • TBF Waterproof & Mold Resistant Wall Boards
  • Negative Air Machine Installation


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Basement Systems USA was referred to this customer by his Structural Engineer for the repair of his block foundation. There was a horizontal crack that ran about 20ft with an opening of 3/8 of an inch in the worst spot. Finding this foundation issue put a big halt to his finishing plans, but he knew if he wanted to proceed with his dream basement, the foundation would first need to be repaired.

To stabilize this foundation, we came out and installed our CarbonArmor Wall Reinforcing System. This system consisted of 13 CarbonArmor straps and 11 Armor Locks. This system will permanently stabilize your home's foundation and comes with a 25year warranty against any manufacturer defects and against any further bowing. The CarboArmor system is also none invasive so now the customer can complete the finishing of his basement without any eyesores or obstacles.

Work Requests From Columbia, MD
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Quote for basement area way and egress window
Project Location: Columbia, MD
In 2019 I purchased my home and began to notice signs of mold on my furniture, the bathroom toilet cover, and on clothing. Mold was first mainly in the basement and became evident in the kitchen and main bedroom over time. Currently, mold is current on the ceiling, toilet, and shower in the basement bathroom, under the kitchen sink, and on clothing. My home has a musty smell throughout but primarily in the basement.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Looking for someone to come look at my basement area
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Horizontal crack in basement foundation wall
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Just bought a house in the area--inspection results were sump not working (but no water in basement). When we moved in, I determined the problem was with the controller and I could get the pump working by plugging it in directly, however the pump is in horribly corroded condition. I don't see a check valve, but maybe I'm wrong there... I have a brand new (never installed) pump I brought from our old home (we had as a standbye). So, I want the checkvalve situation checked, I'd like a controller unit installed (we'll buy from you) as well as the pump that I already have. Second task that I'd like looked at: we got water coming in the garage & pooling in one corner. I will install a threshhold, but would like you to look at it and if appropriate, make a proposal. thanks
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Design and Finish a part of the basement.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Basement water leaky after heavy raining laster Friday (likely from floor not through wall)
Project Location: Columbia, MD
My basement is only partially finished and fairly unusable. I can't even have a washer installed.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Water is coming into my basement where the wall meets the concrete floor. Only happens during heavy rains. Sump pump is working. Need someone to inspect the area inside and outside and provide recommendations for repair.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Radon mitigation after above limit test
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Cinder block support columns in the crawl space cracked. House built in 1974, opinion is the columns were too short, they laid individual pieces of cinder block placed atop the columns to meet the steel beams. Believe the homes floor is uneven in places. Feel the pieces of cinder block are breaking and will eventually fail.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Wanted to have egress window in the basement
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Want to turn one basement window into an egress window so we can a room a bedroom.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
I'd like to put in a 3 by 3 window into a cinder block wall that is above grade
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Would like Terrablock estimate for approximately 500 square feet crawl space
Project Location: Columbia, MD
There is a crack in the foundation of my house and I am concerned also that there may be some water damage in the crawl space. The previous owner (before 2006) installed a French drain/sump pump combination, so hopefully it's not that bad.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Basement is leaking whenever it rains or there is a lot of snow melt. Cracks in the foundation, so it's probably coming in from below.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
I have a finished basement but discovered that the carpet within a few feet of two walls was wet. I have a sump pump which has been working properly. I am uncertain of the source of the water as there are no damp walls.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
I have a 1000 sqft partially finished basement I want to remodel/finish.

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