Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Baltimore City, MD Crawl Space Repair

These are before and after pictures of a church that had such a bad moisture problem in their crawlspace that rot destroyed the floor.  The whole floor had to be removed, but before replacing it, the owners were smart enough to call Basement Systems USA to install a new CleanSpace system, complete with a SuperSump and SaniDry Dehumidifier so the new floor would be protected. 

Edgewood, MD Crawl Space Jacks Installed in a Dirt Floor Crawlspace

This house had problems with bouncy and sagging floors.  We installed three SmartJacks with galvanized steel beams to help carry the load of the joist. First we dig holes in the floor and filled them with crushed stone to provide a base for the SmartJacks.  Then we install the jacks with 8 foot long galvanized steel beams.  This solved the problem.  The floor is nice and sturdy.  

Damp Crawlspace Repair in Perryville, MD

This was a very tough low crawlspace with lots of dampness. We had to clean it out first and remove all the organic material.  Then we installed a drainage system with a SmartSump to deal with the water issues.  The floor and walls where covered with our Cleanspace Encapsulation System to keep the moisture from the ground from evaporating into the air.  The result is a transformed, dry, and safe crawlspace. 

Tipping retaining wall in Downington, PA fixed with GeoLock wall anchors

This heavy retaining wall in Downington PA was bowing and tipping over, and we knew that Basement Systems’ GeoLock Wall Anchors were the best solution for the problem.  

When the GeoLock system is installed, a hole is drilled into the bowing wall in predetermined intervals, depending on the number of anchors needed. One anchor plate is then attached to the interior and exterior sides of the wall, lining up with the predrilled hole, and one end of a 9-foot galvanized threaded rod is then inserted through the hole and anchor plates until the rod protrudes slightly out of the interior wall. An anchor bolt is then screwed onto that protruding end. The other end of the rod attaches to a heavy duty earth anchor, which gets embedded into firm, stable soil away from the foundation. Once everything is in place, the anchor bolt is tightened, and the reverse pressure pulls the wall back toward its original position. At this point, the wall is stabilized and secure and no further adjustment is necessary. However, gradual tightening of the anchor bolt will continue to adjust the wall and over time, may even straighten it completely. This home in Elkton needed 10 anchors to repair the wall, and we were able to straighten it completely in one day. The GeoLock wall anchors are guaranteed for a period of 25 years.

Damp, Moldy Crawlspace Transformed with CleanSpace Vapor Barrier in Voorhees, NJ

This crawlspace had a big moisture problem with mold everywhere. First, we removed all the debris including the old moldy, insulation. Then we installed a drainage system to control the water and connected it to a SmartSump.  We sprayed MoldX2 over all the joist and installed the CleanSpace vapor barrier over the floor and walls of the crawlspace.  The result is that the crawlspace is transformed into a dry, safe, usable space. 

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