Foundation and Bowing Wall Repair in MD, DE, and PA

Bowed and Cracked Walls in VoorheesA combination of space-age polymers and carbon fibers are processed to create a material that provides the perfect solution to cracking foundation walls.

Our products will withstand and resist outside soil pressure, as well as hydrostatic pressure produced by water buildup.

It counteracts further outside pressure on the wall, taking the tension force (or tensile load) that the wall cannot support.

Foundation repair in Voorhees, NJOur supports help walls consisting of: concrete, cinder block, poured cement, brick, and clay tile to stabilize cracking, bowing, or buckling foundations by supplying equal and opposite resistance.

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FlexiSpan® Foundation Crack Repair System

Crawl Space Repair with CleanSpace

Bowed and Cracked Foundation Walls

Very often, hydrostatic pressure and the weight of the soil cause basement walls to crack. In the past, the only solution to this problem was to replace the affected wall or put massive, steel beams in front of it.

Replacing the wall is extremely expensive and steel beams are generally unreliable and limited in warranty.

Basement Systems USA, uses a patented, state of the art, carbon fiber system to repair walls. A combination of space age polymers and carbon fibers was originally invented by NASA, and is now used for the space shuttle program, stealth bombers, Lance Armstrong's bike and your basement. This process is neat, clean, inexpensive and includes a long-term transferable warranty.

Foundation Cracks

Very often, foundation cracks in poured walls are not structural defects but simply a result of minor settlement or shrinkage. These cracks can leak and cause major problems in your basement. Basement Systems uses new technology called, FlexiSpan® to repair and guarantee foundation cracks.

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