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Ellicott City MD Window Upgrade

This Ellicott City customer had a finished basement and they were looking to brighten up the space naturally. A great way to do so is with an Egress Window. We came out and installed out a 48x48 Slider Egress Window with a 48x66x48 Rockwell and Rockwell Cover.

Window Replacement in Ellicott City MD

This customer wanted to finish their basement but first wanted to take care of replacing their leaking window. Since they were going to finish the basement, they decided not to replace the window with just another standard basement window but instead with an Egress. Egress windows allow in a lot of natural light and are also a means for a fast and safe exit during an emergency.

We installed a 48 x 48 Slider Egress window along with a 48" RockWell and Well Cover.

Ellicott City MD Egress Install

Customer reached out to us because they had a standard basement window that they were looking to turn in to an Egress. When we got out to the property the customer decided on keeping the original window and installing an Egress right next to it.

This project consisted of us digging down and cutting out a 48" x 68" Egress opening in the foundation. Once we had the egress opening we then installed a 48" x 60" Slider Egress Window with a 36" RockWell and Elite Cover.

New flooring and a Trench Drain in Elkridge, MD

Here's a customer that with heavy rains his exising drain wasn't enough to stop water from coming in under his walkout basement door. This issue would cause his basement to flood to his old sump pump was. We installed a TrenchDrain outside the door with some WaterGuard XL as well as our Z Triplesafe 3. He so satisfied with our system, he decided to replace the existing flooring with our Elite Plank- Walnut flooring.

Radon Mitigation in Odenton MD

This Odenton MD customer reached out to Basement Systems USA for Radon Testing and possible Mitigation depending on the results. We sent our certified inspector Wil Wilson, out to the home to drop off a CRM test. This test would sit in the basement for a minimum of 48hours, reading levels every hour. After 48hours, Wil went back to this Odenton MD home, printed and went over the results with the homeowner. The results showed that within 48hours, the average level of radon was 4.4pCi/L. EPA recommends mitigation when levels are 4pCi/L or higher.

Now that testing was done, it was time to move on to mitigating the Radon. The system we installed here is called a Sump Pit Depressurization system, which will utilize current sump pit as a suction point. Radon piping is then installed throughout the basement, making its way to the exterior of the home where the radon fan is installed. When the fan is turned on, this will create a suction and radon gasses will be safely pulled from below the home to the outdoors.

Once the Mitigation was installed and running, we left behind a Radon Charcoal test. After 48hours that test got sent off to Alpha Energy Lab and within a few days, Basement Systems USA received the results. The results of this test showed that our Mitigation install took the radon levels from 4.4pCi/L down to 0.7pCi/L!

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