Sump Pumps - How Do I Keep My Basement Dry All the Time? | Ask The Expert

Pete Westera is the owner of Basement Systems USA and one of the leading authorities on basement waterproofing, crawl space, and foundation repair in the Baltimore, MD area, also serving Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE

In this episode of Ask The Expert, Pete explains that, while a good sump pump is the first line of defense against basement flooding, homeowners should never rely on a single sump pump to keep their basements dry all the time. 

A sump pump is a mechanical device and prone to failure. What happens if the sump pump breaks or if there is a power outage? What happens if there's an exceptionally heavy downpour and the existing sump is overwhelmed and simply can't keep up? 

Pete and his team at Basement Systems USA urge homeowners to always consider at least a good, battery-operated backup sump pump to pick up the tab in case of a power outage or main pump breakdown. 

However, if the goal is to really reduce the odds of basement flooding to statistical insignificance, there is no better choice than the TripleSafe Sump Pump System, offered with exclusivity by Basement Systems USA in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wilmington, and nearby areas. 

TripleSafe has not one, but two backup sump pumps, including a battery-operated unit, to handle even the heaviest rains Mother Nature sends its way.

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