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Basement Systems USA is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Parkville. Learn more about Basement Systems USA's recent work requests in Parkville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Basement Systems USA'S recent work requests in Parkville, MD
Vicinity of Littlewood Rd in Parkville
I need a basement window enlarged and an egress window installed.
Vicinity of Chenoak Ave. in Parkville
We have a basement apartment that never really had any water issues up until now . I recently discovered that the carpeting was wet in a portion of the bedroom. We have a sump pump in the basement that operates very well because we can see the water being pumped through to the outside, It is not collecting water from that particular room for some reason. The carpeting is new, but I'm sure that it is ruined because of this problem
Vicinity of Matthews Dr in Parkville
About one square foot moist area in corner of basement carpet. We do not know the cause.
Vicinity of Clearlake Ct in Parkville
I'm interested in purchasing a foreclosure property with water coming through the foundation walls in the front of the house. It's a concrete block foundation townhouse (interior unit) built in the mid 80s. There is an issue with the gutters/downspouts in the front but I'm not sure fixing that will solve it completely. I don't think there was a sump pump in the basement. What is typically your ballpark price range of waterproofing something like this? Here is a link to some pictures
Vicinity of Northway Dr in Parkville
I believe I have water coming from under the floor carpet wet in one area.
Vicinity of Clearview Ave in Parkville
I need a door because my space is wide open. I am insulating the pipes and placing a heater in the space to prevent freezing.
Vicinity of Halstead Road in Parkville
I'm having issues replacing a window well cover. I can't find one that fits my window. I'm seeking other cost effective alternatives to using the window well covers.
Vicinity of Northway Dr in Parkville
Need basement waterproofing and possibly refinished
Vicinity of Emerald Road in Parkville
Finish the basement and add a full bath
Vicinity of Morrislea Ct in Parkville
I found water in my basement in the room with my water heater and ac. The carpet is soaked and starting to smell.
Vicinity of TAYLOR AVE in Parkville
Vicinity of Wycliffe Road in Parkville
Basement has existing french drain and sump pump but still experiences water intrusion during heavy rains through wall and possibly floor.
Vicinity of Loch Shiel Road in Parkville
Wanted a quote on drop ceiling installation for my basement
Vicinity of Moreland Ave in Parkville
Our Clients Basement is leaking. Water stains are present on one walls. Need a good solution for leaky basement and need a quote. Client Information: Deborah Higgins
Vicinity of Leefield Road in Parkville
Wall to floor leakage in basement corner
Vicinity of Clearwood Rd in Parkville
Insulation of crawl space in the home
Vicinity of Chesley Ave in Parkville
Wet leaky basement . cracked foundation. possible mold. need help and easy payment plan to fix and finish my un finished basement. Thank you
Vicinity of Hiss Ave. in Parkville
We are looking to insulate, drywall, and run electrical in our already water-proofed basement. We are in the early stages of research and are just getting started gathering quotes and information. Thank you!
Vicinity of Onyx Road in Parkville
I am the buyers agent. A structural engineer said the exterior wall is leaning in - the wall can only be accessed from the outside through a crawl space. He suggested foundation anchors but said it would be difficult because of the crawl space and the interior basement is finished. Looking for an estimate to present to the Sellers. Only have a few days to get this estimate.
Vicinity of Medici Ct in Parkville
My sump pump basin and pump need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Wendover Road in Parkville
We had a fire in our house and the basement is a total loss. when the contractor took down the walls we found cracked that we would like fixed. If we could set something up for Saturday that would be great. in the morning if possable. Thank you John
Vicinity of Cedar Chip in Parkville
Foundation Cracks and Bowing
Vicinity of Hilltop Drive in Parkville
Leaky basement after rain and need to identify type of mold and corrective action needed
Vicinity of Glen Ridge Rd in Parkville
Basement flooded...again! Help!

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