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Newark's Basement Waterproofing & Remodeling Contractor

Basement Systems USA is your reliable and respected basement waterproofing contractor in Newark. We also specialize in basement finishing, basement waterproofing, and crawl space repair. Our fully trained waterproofing specialists can help provide a more comfortable and safe home for you and your family. 

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Encapsulation in Newark

Wet basements are as old as the structures themselves. Water will leak into a basement through any opening it can, including your walls, floors, and the joints. Water can even pass through the concrete itself -- which is one reason why basements are notoriously damp, humid spaces.

Crawl spaces are no exception. When a home is built a crawl space is ripe for humidity, mold, or pests due to the vents installed, and the common use of batt insulation. Batt insulation is a magnet for moisture and pests and can fall apart and away from the home over time. This will cause your home's temperature to become to cold in the winter and too humid in the summer. In turn, the costs of your energy bills rise.


We Provide:
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • Humidity Control
You Receive:
  • Permanently Dry Basement
  • Clean Protected Crawlspace
  • Protection against Mold
  • Improved Home Value

At Basement Systems USA, our waterproofing systems come with life-time warranties that are transferable.  You will rest easy at night knowing that you have a dry and comfortable home.

Basement Finishing & Remodeling in Newark, DE

Waterproofing your basement prevents outside water from coming in but what if a pipe bursts or the water heater leaks inside the home. A newly finished basement done by your average contractor will mold and rot if there is an internal leak. You'll have to tear out your new basement! We fix this issue.

Our Products Include :
  • Waterproof, washable, insulated walls           
  • Mold-Resistant, No-Sag suspended ceiling
  • Modular carpet, tile & faux wood flooring

  • Energy-efficient, double-paned basement windows
  • Attractive Sunhouse basement window wells
  • French, bifold, louvre & six-paneled steel doors

Unlike the average Newark contractor we use completely inorganic, waterproof materials. Even if the basement floods your walls and floors will not be damaged by the water. These waterproof products are patented and are built to create an attractive finished basement that lasts a lifetime.

Before and After Pictures from Newark

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We refinished this now beautiful Newark basement.

Job Stories From Newark, DE
Transformed basement in Newark, DE

This Newark basement was a real mess.  The basement looked more like a dungeon and had constant water issues with dampness. We installed WaterGuard around the perimeter with a SuperSump system to take the water out of the house. Then we installed a Trench drain in front of the steps so that water could not come in from the stairwell. A vapor barrier was installed to cover the damp walls and prevent moisture from flowing into the basement. Last but not least, a SaniDry dehumidifier was installed to make sure that the basement air stays below 55% to prevent mold growth.  

Transformed basement in Newark, DE - Photo 1Transformed basement in Newark, DE - Photo 2Transformed basement in Newark, DE - Photo 3Transformed basement in Newark, DE - Photo 4
Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space

This Basement required a waterproofing system with a SuperSump sum pump and Battery backup before we could finish the basement.  We also installed a SaniDry XP Dehumidifier to keep the humidity at a low level, especially to combat the humid summer months.  Once the basement was guaranteed to stay dry, the customer felt comfortable investing the money to transform the space into a finished basement.  The walls are guaranteed against mold or water damage.  The floor is also designed to withstand moisture and has a thermal gap under it which makes it up to 7 degrees warmer. We don’t just finish the basement, we make sure that the right materials are used to prevent mold or damage in the future.  


Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space - Photo 1Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space - Photo 2Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space - Photo 3Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space - Photo 4Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space - Photo 5Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space - Photo 6Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space - Photo 7Wet Basement Transformed into a Beautiful, Dry, & Usable Space - Photo 8
Work Requests From Newark, DE
Project Location: Newark, DE
We have a crack in our basement that's had water seeping through when it rains hard. It does not leak enough that it hits the floor, but there is definitely water coming through. We need it patched before it becomes a bigger problem. Attaching a photo of the crack.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Foundation leak
Project Location: Newark, DE
Interested in getting an assessment of the basement area of this property. It has damage and I know it's a moisture issue there which I want to get resolved while trying to do renovations.
Project Location: Newark, DE
1) In heavy rains, water overwhelms the crawlspace perimeter drain and leaks into finished area of adjoining finished basement. This is somewhat time sensitive, as while we don't seem to have any mold issues yet, it seems likely this will develop in the future. 2) I'm interested in knowing more about adding an egress window to a different part of the same basement. This would be a separate project, and is not time sensitive.
Project Location: Newark, DE
We are interested in getting an egress window installed but also wanted to know how much of a difference it would be to get a door installed as an egress route instead or if that was possible.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Water on the floor in my basement when it rains
Project Location: Newark, DE
Need a crack in foundation wall repaired.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Install egress window in basement and finish basement.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Do you repair termite damage? I have damaged subflooring and joists in the basement, and I don't know if the foundation has been affected or not. Termites have been treated. Please advise. Thx!
Project Location: Newark, DE
I need an emergency outlet in my basement and I hope you are the company to make it happen.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Want to add a small bathroom and kitchenette in the basement. Install walls and ceilings. Flooring will be done by us. Basement is about 1200 sqft with egress
Project Location: Newark, DE
32.25 x 17 inch window. Presently has glass block in place. Simple egress window looks like it would suit our purposes.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Joist repair, damp crawl space, wood decay in basement ceiling, possible basement remodeling
Project Location: Newark, DE
Basement carpet is wet from yesterdays all day rain. I have a french drain system in the basement. Basement is finished with fiberglass panels on the walls, so I can't see where water was coming in from the poured foundation walls.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Whole house smell like the crawl space
Project Location: Newark, DE
Odor from crawl space
Project Location: Newark, DE
Possible Black mold in basement.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Water damage and mold in basement. Source of water needs to be identified and fixed and the basement treated.
Project Location: Newark, DE
Radon test
Project Location: Newark, DE
Wet crawl space.insulation falling out.
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