Work Requests in Philadelphia

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Learn more about Basement Systems USA'S recent work requests in Philadelphia, PA
Vicinity of Catharine in Philadelphia
Old basement floors, painted/chopped & gross! Was going to try and DIY the repair, but interested in the cost to repair & seal. Nothing fancy as basement is only laundry & some workout machines.
Vicinity of Almond St in Philadelphia
The front wall is buckling. There are cracks in the wall inside and the front steps are separating from the house.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Water damage around basement window well. General basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of Devereaux St in Philadelphia
Mold is killing me
Vicinity of Upland in Philadelphia
Want parging and drylock in basement.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
We have a finished basement that we want to add a mechanical room with small storage area. Plus a reading nook under the basement stairs. We are closing on this property April 15th and would love to have this project done by May 4th
Vicinity of Greenwich St. in Philadelphia
We discovered two spots in our basement on opposite ends that had pools of water. Our basement walls are brick covered by plaster, but a lot of the plaster has broken off (both before and after we moved into this house in January 2018). I couldn't see any lines of water coming through the walls anywhere, however. I'm wondering if this is a humidity issue, a wall issue, a floor/foundation issue, or some combination of them.
Vicinity of Fitzwater Street in Philadelphia
Our finished basement was constructed 4 years ago. we just started getting water coming up through the carpet a few weeks ago. we do have a sump pump. we are very interested in finding a solution ASAP
Vicinity of Naudain St in Philadelphia
Some leakage in basement, looking to possibly finish but would like basement waterproofed first
Vicinity of East Gravers Lane in Philadelphia
Need to waterproof my basement and also open to any other ideas about what could be done.
Vicinity of Summit Rd in Philadelphia
I am looking for a price on a basement egress window with installation.
Vicinity of Tower St. in Philadelphia
99 year old stone house with dampness in basement. Does not need to be pretty just functional.
Vicinity of Lombard St in Philadelphia
Water seeping through brick in basement
Vicinity of Kimball St in Philadelphia
Water in my basement getting worse no idea where it's coming from
Vicinity of Dickinson Street in Philadelphia
Water seeping up through basement concrete
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
We are having mold issues in the basement that would like removed permanently .
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Hi I believe that I have mold in my basement also on my ceiling in my living room.
Vicinity of Malcolm St in Philadelphia
Water in basement
Vicinity of N. Sydenham Stree in Philadelphia
Would like my home tested for mold being airborne
Vicinity of S. Bucknell St in Philadelphia
Finished basement and have water coming in thru the wall on one corner of the house. Cant see where is the water coming from and thinking to install sump pump.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
We have 8 properties that have 12 egress wells. We would like recommendations/estimates. All of these properties are located in the same area. Thank you Diane
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
I have water in rhe basement and there is mold in my back bedroom, kitchen, and basement.
Vicinity of E Herman St in Philadelphia
Hello, The congregation I serve is moving into a church building with a basement ceiling covered with mold. We'd like remediated, and we'd love an estimate this week if possible. Work could start immediately depending on quote. Thanks!
Vicinity of E Dauphin St in Philadelphia
Greetings, I received the following information from my home inspection -- recomending I got my crawlspace serviced (vapor shield) and the joist(s) fixed to avoid any issues in the future: There was evidence of previous termite treatment. Indications of subterranean termite infestation were observed, and structural damage was noted at a wood lintel above the rear basement entrance and two floor joists at the rear of the accessible crawl space. Repairs are needed to restore structural integrity. One split floor joist was noted in the accessible crawl space. Recommend a sister joist at the damaged floor joist.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Moisture in basement walls and floor.
Vicinity of Lyceum Avenue in Philadelphia
Would like an estimate for wet basement correction. Old home with unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Magnolia St in Philadelphia
I have mold in my upstairs rear bedroom and down stairs in my kitchen near the sinjk
Vicinity of S Bouvier in Philadelphia
I have found mold in my room in my basement. Need help finding the source and tonknow if I have taken care of the problem
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Water in the basement from heavy rain fall
Vicinity of LeagueStreet in Philadelphia
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Basement floods every time it rains really bad
Vicinity of Randolph Street in Philadelphia
I am looking to install a sump pump and French drain in my basement. The total space needed is about 15 linear feet. Can I get an estimate for the cost?
Vicinity of Clymer St in Philadelphia
Just cleaned out my crawl space in my rowhome in Philadelphia. It is not encapsulated. Looking to have this properly done.
Vicinity of S. Swanson Street in Philadelphia
We would like an estimate for our downstairs apartment. There is a window, but it is not an egress.
Vicinity of Tree St in Philadelphia
I have a small crawl space under the kitchen that needs to be sealed
Vicinity of Lincoln Drive in Philadelphia
Water coming into the basement during heavy rains. The water pools by the house, but its a tricky location for an easy fix.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Would like a quote to install a drop ceiling in our basement. Thank you!
Vicinity of , South Bouvier in Philadelphia
Greetings a few weeks ago a leak from an incoming valve brought water to my basement. Im pretty certain mold/mildew is becoming a serious problem now as I find it difficult to breathe and have skin and eye irritation. You can see discoloration in the radiators and carpeting as well. I wanted to check for a quote, and see if you offered any financing options as well.
Vicinity of Panama St in Philadelphia
We are looking to do some work in our basement, including replacing an existing AC unit with an egress window, dealing with some bubbling paint/walls, replacing some drywall and possibly the flooring, installing a utility sink, and more generally discussing whether we need any additional moisture control. It is an unfinished basement for the most part, but has flooring and drywall in the deeper half.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
We just want to know if someone can come out and take a look at the basement and give us a quote to see how much it is going to cost us. And if we qualify for financing. We would actually like to move in the basement and use it as a sleeping quarter.
Vicinity of Reed St in Philadelphia
Damp smell
Vicinity of S. Reese Street in Philadelphia
I don't want to lose anymore personal property due to water damage.
Vicinity of Larchwood Avenue in Philadelphia
Recent home purchase that i had renovated. Basement was insulated with sheet rock put up throughout, but basement is still damp.
Vicinity of Malvern Ave in Philadelphia
Need to make part of Basement into a room for our son
Vicinity of Ditman Street in Philadelphia
I would like to do my basement floor and walls
Vicinity of Hazel Avenue in Philadelphia
My basement gets heavy water and it appears to be getting worse.
Vicinity of Cross Street in Philadelphia
Very damp basement and believe to see some mold
Vicinity of Paschall Avenue in Philadelphia
Basement is very dusty and dirty, there's moisture and there's definitely an odor due to the moisture. Preferable if walls and floors were sealed and insulated.
Vicinity of S. Lambert ST in Philadelphia
Waterproof basement
Vicinity of Sepviva Street in Philadelphia
Basement is leaking. Water is only around the walls on the floor, and I wanted to see about the free estimate of having someone come out, take a look, identify the issue, and see what it would cost to fix.
Vicinity of N Cameron Street in Philadelphia
Weak leaking in basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Osage Ave in Philadelphia
Black mold in my house for month i talk to the landlord about it he do nothing about it i have a six year old daughter so i remove it myself did not think about the danger that could put myself in all i was thinking is about my children. i need your help i need to know more information about black mold thank you
Vicinity of Conshohocken Ave., Office in Philadelphia
Water is coming in to the basement of my building.
Vicinity of Cottman Ave in Philadelphia
Walls show vertical cracks on the inside left corner. The outside shows the same.There is water seeping in the basement. I need professional work done on my house. The phone number above is my cell phone
Vicinity of Emerald Street in Philadelphia
Interested in having a interior perimeter drain system installed in my philadelphia basement. The concrete floor has already been removed. Thank you.
Vicinity of Litchfield St in Philadelphia
Mold in the basement.
Vicinity of S Chadwick St in Philadelphia
My house is 150 years old. My basement is cracking and leaking a lot.
Vicinity of W Jefferson Street in Philadelphia
Just free consultation.
Vicinity of N Myrtlewood in Philadelphia
I purchased my home over a year ago and did not notice a strong odor, but this year the whole house smells like mildew. I am interested in having the floor of my basement fixed and having the basement checked/treated for mold.
Vicinity of Wilder Street in Philadelphia
Dig out and finish basement
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Basement smells bad and mold growiing
Vicinity of South Lindenwood Street in Philadelphia
The walls of my basement leak when it rains. I would like a quote on the cost of a sump pump installation and waterproofing please.
Vicinity of Ludlow Street in Philadelphia
I'd like to get an estimate from your company on waterproofing my basement. We have a rowhouse in West Philly in the middle of the block with a wet and unfinished basement. After heavy rains, we have damp spots on the floor. We also have some moisture coming through the wall (walls are stone). The previous owner painted a sealant onto the walls but it's starting to crack off. We're also starting to get some mold growth. Currently, we run a dehumidifier but our basement is pretty large and it's not cutting it. Thanks!
Vicinity of S Opal Street in Philadelphia
I have mold on my bathroom ceiling and some walls and would like to see how much it would cost to remove it. I am available in the evening and night to contact to set up an appointment.
Vicinity of Webster Street in Philadelphia
Moisture in my basement, no visible puddles of water but dampness on the concrete floor.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Looking to finish my basement in a South Philadelphia row home.
Vicinity of W. Porter Street in Philadelphia
Getting water in our recently renovated basement. Sump pump was installed, worked for a short while until April 16th when 70 gallons of water (removed) came into the basement.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Walls showing wetness issues
Vicinity of Pemberton Street in Philadelphia
Cement work needed in Basement.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
I am looking for a contractor to underpin the foundation of my Philadelphia row home. We already have plans from the structural engineer and have a permit from the City. I've also lined up a special inspector (required by the City). I'm not getting estimates from contractors. The project involves excavating approximately 2 feet of dirt and underpinning the foundation, as well as installing a perimeter drain and sump pump.
Vicinity of Monroe St. in Philadelphia
Have an odor in a house I purchased 6 months ago. Had basement painted and still odor is there. Not sure if there is mold, it's an old space.
Vicinity of Buist Avenue in Philadelphia
I need to get an estimate on waterproofing my basement. This is the first step before total refinishing.
Vicinity of Guyer Ave in Philadelphia
I wanted a quote on getting my basement finished
Vicinity of Buist Ave in Philadelphia
I Have A Basement That Has Been The Same For About Some Years Now & I Wanted To Know How Much It Would Be To Get It Remodel
Vicinity of Saybrook Ave in Philadelphia
Complete basement finishing including bathroom and laundry room
Vicinity of Dicks Avenue in Philadelphia
My basement has signs of water (wet spots) and i need to fix the problem but i dont know how much will cost me
Vicinity of State Road , in Philadelphia
Mold in walls air & heat ducts
Vicinity of Chancellor St in Philadelphia
Formerly finished basement damaged by a little water backup needs to be redone.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Vicinity of Sharp St in Philadelphia
Monolithic pour foundation with water leaking in at the cove joint. Want to learn more about drytrak as an alternative to exterior solution.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Water coming up thru floor with large rains.
Vicinity of Christian St in Philadelphia
I have an old concrete basement floor covered by a deteriorated raised wood floor. I would like to get rid of the wood floor completely and repair the concrete floor or cover it with a durable water resistant material.
Vicinity of MARLYN RD in Philadelphia
Complete renovation of basement including laundry room and Powder Room
Vicinity of Folsom Street in Philadelphia
I would like an estimate for installation of a subfloor in my below grade basement area that would go on top of the concrete slab. The area is approximately 600-650 sq ft. I was wondering if you only use the ThermalDry subflooring or if you have any other options available as well. I plan to use a product called CoreTec as the actual flooring material, so I am uncertain if actual subflooring is needed, or if a moisture barrier would be sufficient. Please email an estimate, thanks! Todd
Vicinity of N American St in Philadelphia
Have a basement wall that is pinned to the sidewalk in front of it with a slight bow. Would like to get an evaluation to see if its something that can be easily corrected.
Vicinity of Fountain Street in Philadelphia
My pipes have frozen due to the extreme weather despite the crawl space being insulated. So I am looking for someone to review the space & make suggestions on further steps I can take to prevent the freezing.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
The walls the ceilings an installation an sockets
Vicinity of Cantrell St..nnn in Philadelphia
I want to get an estimate and some ideas for my basement. This house only has two bedrooms, and by putting closet space in both rooms, it made both rooms even smaller. So I don"t want anything fancy, just good lights, some shelves on the wall going down the steps, and sheetrock on the walls. I might do the floors, but I am not sure.
Vicinity of Spring Street in Philadelphia
Basement damp. Need to check for mold.
Vicinity of W. Columbia Ave in Philadelphia
There is a room in the basement apt. that keeps getting wet
Vicinity of E Palmer St in Philadelphia
Would like to finish our basement. The stairway leading to the basement also needs finishing as well.
Vicinity of DICKINSON St in Philadelphia
My wall has moisture in the basement I am interested in those Pannel from your video
Vicinity of Bustleton Ave in Philadelphia
8 commercial properties on one street that have leaky basements
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Vicinity of Lauriston St in Philadelphia
Hello, we are interested in waterproofing and finishing our basement and would like an estimate for your services. Thanks!
Vicinity of Sansom Street in Philadelphia
Want a quote to renovate entire basement. need plans drawn up etc.
Vicinity of Nmarvine St in Philadelphia
Need a replacement basement window
Vicinity of Cambridge St in Philadelphia
Water is getting into the basement, would like to diagnose the issue and fix it.
Vicinity of N.Sydenham St. in Philadelphia
I would like a free quote on my basement.
Vicinity of Linton St. in Philadelphia
Leaky walls wet basement.
Vicinity of N Ringgold Street in Philadelphia
I am a very inexperienced young adult trying to finish my basement to create a space for my band to practice. However, my basement becomes wet when it rains, the walls are falling apart and flaking, and it's kind of musty but thats probably due to all the dirt. So I'm in a little over my head but I wanted to take a shot at it anyways, I just have no one to talk to who has knowledge in this field. If you guys could get back to me on how to approach this that would be great.
Vicinity of Loretto Avenue in Philadelphia
Getting some settling with a stone foundation approx 80 yrs old. Definite shifting, and definitely water drainage issues.
Vicinity of Dudley St in Philadelphia
Just need the whole basement redone cleaned out fooors walls lighting
Vicinity of Bainbridge St in Philadelphia
Would like basement finished, this is a new home
Vicinity of E. Queen Lane in Philadelphia
Remolded basement plus added bathroom
Vicinity of Ashton in Philadelphia
Vicinity of Robbins Street in Philadelphia
My basement needs to be checked for dampness and needed to be refinished.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Sump pump installation for basement - flooding in heavy storms and evidence of water damage/humidity
Vicinity of Legion Street in Philadelphia
We are looking to have a bedroom & a bathroom, with a shower no tub, installed in the basement. Also walls, electrical outlets, lighting, laundry area, and closet/ strorage shelving, painting, or floors needed since we are planning to do them ourselves. We just need the areas walled off.....
Vicinity of Brighton St in Philadelphia
I think I have mold on my house's floor
Vicinity of Calpine Road in Philadelphia
Need some water damage fixed and need new ceilings, floors and walls. Area in basement is approximately 660 sq feet.
Vicinity of West Oakdale St in Philadelphia
I would like to turn it into a dry comfortable place.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
My basement is always moist and the walls have mold. Also, I have a dirt crawls space that stays moist.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
I need a finished basement.
Vicinity of New Queen Street in Philadelphia
We need our crawl space cleaned out and properly insulted
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Hello! I am interested in a quote for some mold located in the basement and crawlspace of the house. Thank you!
Vicinity of E LIPPINCOTT STRRET in Philadelphia
Looking to update/remodel basement.
Vicinity of Oakford St in Philadelphia
I'm looking someone to re model my basetment in to a room
Vicinity of North Hobart St in Philadelphia
Looking for price to weatheralize the crawl space located in the basement.
Vicinity of North Allison Street in Philadelphia
I want my basement finished to turn it into a playroom
Vicinity of N Marshall Street in Philadelphia
I have mold on my personnel belonging in my basement. Also when I turn on my heat in the winter time I get very sick.
Vicinity of Stenton Ave in Philadelphia
Basement had leak suspect mold in area can't see in area as a wall is there but there is an opening for access
Vicinity of Ruth Way in Philadelphia
Want to just finish basement.. nothing fancy..
Vicinity of Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia
Mold in the basement I would like it removed
Vicinity of S. Uber Street in Philadelphia
New home with a poured basement, 24w x 54l, 3 sides exposed, 4th side is against neigbors home, as attached townhomes
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Vicinity of Brown Street in Philadelphia
Turning a basement from unfinished to finished
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
I want the entire basement done over !
Vicinity of Murray St in Philadelphia
Would like to finish our basement
Vicinity of N American St in Philadelphia
Water damage
Vicinity of S Ruby in Philadelphia
There is mold on the walls in the bathroom in my basement. My washing machine has over-flowed before and water has come in under my basement door.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Basement finish with a small bathroom
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
This is a corner row house I have water seepage at the point were the concrete floor touches the concrete basement wall. There is concrete sidewalk all around the house.
Vicinity of Fernon Street in Philadelphia
Mold on front wall, a lot of moisture in basement
Vicinity of Alcott St in Philadelphia
Basement needs to be framed up and finished with an improvement to the current powder room.
Vicinity of N Marshall Street, N/a in Philadelphia
Water come my basement when its a hard or a very wet snow . Around my walls
Vicinity of Witler St in Philadelphia
Need a free estimate on my wall in basement at the bottom of the steps
Vicinity of Wakeling Street in Philadelphia
I have an empty basement that Could be convertered in a small apartment for visits to stay. It is Wet And ugly
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Mold test for basement apartment
Vicinity of S. Chadwick Street in Philadelphia
Need an inspection of basement done. The property was inherited and I want to make sure it doesn't have mold.
Vicinity of BRYN MAWR AVE. in Philadelphia
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
New construction mold is growing in basement
Vicinity of Palmer Drive in Philadelphia
Finishing my basement
Vicinity of Reedland St in Philadelphia
Black mold in my bathroom
Vicinity of Parkside Ave in Philadelphia
I have 3peice bath just want to simplify for a guest bedroom and moisture free
Vicinity of Glen Echo Road in Philadelphia
I had my house power-washed which was a mistaken because I needed to have my skylight replaced first. Unfortunately, the contractor came started the job earlier than anticipated two weeks ago. As a result, I notice some mold growing in the basement near the wall that was washed but inside the house. I would like to have someone come access the situation, provide an estimate and possibly remove it asap.
Vicinity of Emily Street in Philadelphia
Black mold growing on basement wall in several locations. Interested in mold removal and basement wall sealing.
Vicinity of Morrell Ave in Philadelphia
We had our basement flood last week. and I noticed yesterday that there is mold starting to grow on some of the walls where the baseboards were. I'd like an estimate on how much it would cost to remove mold that might be growing in the rest of our basement as well as removing and replacing the flooring and any wall materials that need to be removed. Thanks, Jeff
Vicinity of E Oakdale ST in Philadelphia
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Finish basement add bathroom
Vicinity of Indian Queen La in Philadelphia
Concrete Slabs in the basement are cracked and have high points. I'd like to raise the floor and make it level enough for a playroom or workout area.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Basement is fully unfinished. Needs insulation, probably work on the joiata of the ceiling, need to change disposition of machinery. Need to change laundry machines but doors seem to be too small for the old ones to get out and new ones to get in. Would like to start by insulation, clean up, clearing of junk and maybe do full finishing at a later stage.
Vicinity of Mars Pl in Philadelphia
Mold in new home
Vicinity of Haworth St in Philadelphia
Had busted pipe, supurs started to grow
Vicinity of Webster Street in Philadelphia
I just want to redo my basement. Not necessarily to be a TV room but just an extra space. Washer and dryer would stay down there.
Vicinity of Megargee Street in Philadelphia
Check for mold and mildew in house/basement
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Mold, bad smelling basement
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Just want to see the cost to finish my basement
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
My basement is half finished I would to get one bedroom shower and a small kitchen
Vicinity of E. Susquehanna Avenue in Philadelphia
Newly converted condo building. Concrete basement is EXTREMELY humid. we are starting to get mold and some leakage. we are looking for cost-effective options to fix.
Vicinity of W Seymour St in Philadelphia
Mold covering basesment wall because of moisture in the wall
Vicinity of Avonhoe Rd in Philadelphia
Needing the appropriate waterproofing for my basement.
Vicinity of W Pomona St in Philadelphia
Water in my basement
Vicinity of Hagys Mill Rd. in Philadelphia
We have no basement and have pipes in our crawl space with and outdoor oil burner that needs glycol every winter. I've been told to have the pipes insulated and need assessment from experts like you!
Vicinity of Chester Ave in Philadelphia
I just want something basic done where my kids and family can chill out and watch television and play games
Vicinity of E. Fletcher St. in Philadelphia
Wall damp and beams.
Vicinity of Tabor Ave in Philadelphia
Several years ago the basement of our home flooded. Recently we have had problems with mold in the basement but that has been resolved. Now we're looking to have the basement refinished and bring it back to being a functional part of the house. Also interested in an estimate for waterproofing the basement to avoid future damage since rain often comes into the basement during storms.
Vicinity of Wyndale Avenue in Philadelphia
I am interested in having my basement waterproofed
Vicinity of N MARSHALL STREET in Philadelphia
I need to make my basement into a bedroom.
Vicinity of Jamestown in Philadelphia
I need a basement floor
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Finished basement - water seems to seep up through the floor when it rains hard. During the rain last night there was enough water to flow from one end of the basement to another.
Vicinity of W. Queen Lane in Philadelphia
Water coming into the basement at the concrete floor. A drain at the back is not connected and collects water when it rains.
Vicinity of Glenloch Street in Philadelphia
Moisture in walls and floors
Vicinity of BRYN MAWR AVE in Philadelphia
Vicinity of N. Lambert Street in Philadelphia
Need my entire basement renovated with added bedroom and bathroom
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Wet basement when it rains.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
My mother basement is falling of part it smells she has water coming in leaks in the basement walls is a mess water and sand be on the floor of the basement she a senior what will it cost.
Vicinity of E Moyamensing Ave in Philadelphia
Cold drafty crawl space, looking to insulate.
Vicinity of Brandywine Street in Philadelphia
When it rains water is coming into the back of basement.
Vicinity of Marlborough St. in Philadelphia
I'm getting water in my cellar never had before.
Vicinity of Emily St in Philadelphia
I have a small amount of water that comes in the back unfinished room in my basement when the rain is really heavy. It is causing some mold and would like a price on fixing the issue. Thanks for the help.
Vicinity of Garland in Philadelphia
Hello, I have a medium size basement that i would like to turn into a bedroom space. i wanted to get a quote, and possibly the price for remodeling
Vicinity of E Gravers Ln in Philadelphia
Have an old house with a field stone/rubble foundation. A small portion of the house is over a dirt floor crawlspace that is cold in the winter. Would like to warm up the crawl space to keep the room above warmer.
Vicinity of Devon Place in Philadelphia
Redo Basement floors and walls to develop a useable space.
Vicinity of Tree St in Philadelphia
I am in negotiations to purchase a home and some signs of water damage in the basement showed up in the home inspection. I would like a quote to repair the damage and seal up the basement walls. Thank you!
Vicinity of W. Clearfield Street in Philadelphia
We are getting high RH% readings in a basement we have air sealed.
Vicinity of Farrington Rd in Philadelphia
Very low ceilings. Right now the ceiling tile is about to fall out. Were my furnace is at very little space to work in between.
Vicinity of Webster St in Philadelphia
Hi, I have a two-story row home in Graduate Hospital and the lot size is 435 sq ft. The home has an unfinished basement that I currently use for storage and laundry. I would like to finish it and ideally have a half bathroom, laundry area, storage closet, and small office space. Please provide me with an estimate for finishing the basement both with and without the bathroom. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Water is running,dampness, mold, making the floor joice rotten
Vicinity of Sigel St in Philadelphia
Water in basement
Vicinity of Claridge St in Philadelphia
Basement flooded. has been wet for aweek or more
Vicinity of Bainbridge Street in Philadelphia
Would like to turn my basement into a home gym.
Vicinity of Larchwood Ave in Philadelphia
Consistently wet basement, especially bad after it rains.
Vicinity of Arrott St in Philadelphia
Need an inspection and estimate. Having problems in our basement, smell mold and person living with us is having respiratory problems.
Vicinity of Venango St in Philadelphia
Crack in pipe and would like to know a price range to water proof basement.
Vicinity of Carpenter Street in Philadelphia
Mold in the basement
Vicinity of Krams Ave in Philadelphia
Mold in crawl space
Vicinity of Baring Street in Philadelphia
I need an expert to certify that there is black mold growing in a drywall ceiling and the ceiling above it.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Looking to replace the carpet flooring in my basement and a new type of flooring.
Vicinity of Mercury Place in Philadelphia
Install a trench drain the lenght of the garage.
Vicinity of Theodore Street in Philadelphia
I want to make sure that I do not have any mold problems. Everyone in my home seems to always have sinus issues when they stay here, but never outside of my home have a sinus problem.
Vicinity of S Lawrence St in Philadelphia
Do not own the home yet but want to find out approximate cost. Stone foundation walls and thin cement floor, would like to have walls and floor waterproofed so that I can finish the basement in the future
Vicinity of Hawthorne Street in Philadelphia
Mold removal estimate is request.
Vicinity of S.jessup St. in Philadelphia
My husband and i recently had our home tested for mold and the home inspector got the report back and it showed we have mold down our basement and the fumes are reaching our living room and bedroom. How much do you charge to get this properly removed without spending alot of money.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
None. just need to finish the basement.
Vicinity of Roosevelt Blvd in Philadelphia
Bad odor in basement probable from mold or mildew
Vicinity of Springfield Ave. in Philadelphia
Water from rain gets in tobasement.
Vicinity of Summit Avenue in Philadelphia
Mold growing on studs in basement due to water coming in through cinderblocks
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
The basement is wet and on the drywall mold is growing
Vicinity of Musgrave in Philadelphia
We have had someone out to work on our basement which is also an apartment which was covered with mold in the two bedrooms. The worker told us that he could not guarantee that the mold would not return and it has returned at least 4 more times since he worked on it a few weeks ago. We are looking for a permanent solution to the problem. Please contact us as soon as possible. We are looking for someone who can fix the problem with a guarantee
Vicinity of Ferndale in Philadelphia
30 x 40 x 5 crawl space needs complete insulation
Vicinity of Greenway Avenue in Philadelphia
When it rains my basement floor becomes moist. I just had the walls redone and now mold is coming back.
Vicinity of Kimball St in Philadelphia
3 windows leaking on the back of my house. Need estmate to stop leak
Vicinity of Kern St. in Philadelphia
Cellar door leaks into basement when it rains. The door is was installed improperly and is not level.
Vicinity of S Woodstock Street in Philadelphia
Mold in my basement (laundry room)
Vicinity of Umbria St in Philadelphia
My bedroom walls have visible mold and I have noticed the smell. I'd also like the basement to be checked as well
Vicinity of O Street in Philadelphia
Just need basement done
Vicinity of Delmar in Philadelphia
Mold in basement (I used Prolab mold detectors)...possible in HAVC spreading to all areas of my home.
Vicinity of Wolf St in Philadelphia
Mold has been identified at the interior walls. House needs a better waterproofing system.
Vicinity of Winton Street in Philadelphia
I have just listed my house for sale and I get small amounts of water in my basement every time it rains. The water comes in around the drain from the back yard which I know to be clogged. I am looking for a simple solution to reduce water without digging up my back yard.
Vicinity of Ogle St in Philadelphia
Water is coming in from outside through the crawl space. This has always been, but I have been to control it somewhat by keeping the outside drain cleared out. However, Terminex had to crawl back in the crawlspace recently to spray and now the water just pours out and overflows a bucket unto the cellar floor every time it rains. They will be coming back to see if something was dislodged. However, in the last two years I've noticed water accumulating under the steps but am not convinced it is coming from the crawl space. Ground water?? I used wet vac on basement today and now it appears wet again, but the bucket is empty. What the heck is going on??
Vicinity of E Willard Street in Philadelphia
I been getting water damage from next door property my foundation is bad been getting water since 2000 now im taking owner to court neede a free estimate
Vicinity of Elston St in Philadelphia
I need a drop ceiling put in but I think I need to have the walls completed first. Is this accurate? If so, are you able to put sheet rock up on our base mention walls?
Vicinity of Poplar St in Philadelphia
The basement had water damage, sense then got the pipes fixes and thinking about an over haul of the whole basement it already has an old powder down there i would like to be refinshed
Vicinity of E Ontario St in Philadelphia
Well my basement is long but not tall im 5'5 and my head can touch the ceiling ,i would like to make a bedroom in there and a nice wash room nothing to fancy,i would a base walls and floor
Vicinity of Williams Ave in Philadelphia
Smell of mold in basement
Vicinity of Tackawanna St in Philadelphia
Mold located on one wall in basement. Want to know cost to fix the problem. please call to schedule a visit. thanks, Wilmer
Vicinity of McMahon Street in Philadelphia
The basement , including the floors, is unfinished. Would like to have done in cost effective and efficient manner
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Roof leak is causing mold in 1 bathroom and basement
Vicinity of N Taney in Philadelphia
Flooding in basement
Vicinity of Bridge St in Philadelphia
I am worried that their is mold in the bathroom and basement. There is a funny smell and the wood looks rotten.
Vicinity of Williams Ave. in Philadelphia
Smell mold in basement also took test to confirm.need to have mold removed.
Vicinity of East Dauphin Street in Philadelphia
I believe I have mold growing in my basement against the wall that frequently leaks when it rains.
Vicinity of Wadsworth Avenue in Philadelphia
Free estimate on water and mole proofing of basement
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Entire basement remodel
Vicinity of Laramie Road in Philadelphia
Mold in my basement closet that was made last year - just noticed after storm
Vicinity of N. Camac Street in Philadelphia
Damp basement with mold; Thinks outside moisture seeping through stone/masonry foundation.
Vicinity of N. Van Pelt Street in Philadelphia
We live in 150-year-old house in Center City. Our basement has schist walls that have some concrete over them, but this is crumbling and not attractive. We don't have too much trouble with water, but we would like it to be nicer looking and bone dry. The basement is 13x25x6. Thanks!
Vicinity of Catherine St in Philadelphia
Basement water leaks
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Basement remodeled
Vicinity of Seville Street in Philadelphia
Looking to redo basement, not really sure what options are out there for modern basements. Looking for suggestions, options, and prices.
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Water and mold in basement. 2 inches of water throughout.
Vicinity of Fanshawe Street in Philadelphia
I am interested on getting a free estimate on waterproofing and basement fonsiuing
Vicinity of Rodney Street in Philadelphia
I would like mold resistant materials, water resistant ,living breathable space.
Vicinity of Woodhaven Road in Philadelphia
Hello, Our basement flooded and due to the water damage we had to strip our basement. We need new dry wall, vents (baseboard heat) and flooring. Thank you.
Vicinity of N. Lawrence Street in Philadelphia
Basement floor is wet in corner
Vicinity of E Palmer Street in Philadelphia
My mother has a stone wall basement that has been neglected for decades, is crumbly, has mold and is very humid. I would like to get someone to come out and give me an estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of E Harold St in Philadelphia
I am going to sell my house and I would like to get an estimate on finishing my basement in the most simple fashion. Nothing fancy - just dry walling and possible waterproofing. I am available on weekends for an appointment. Thanks!
Vicinity of Loney Street in Philadelphia
Moisture and mold in the basement. Possibly in first floor bathroom and in the air
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Basement has a lot of leaks and cracks, mold, muggy smell, and I'am looking for a contractor to solve this problem right and at an reasonable price. Need an estimate as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Woodand Ave in Philadelphia
This is a church and we had water coming in through the trap door, need it to be check for dampness and mole.
Vicinity of N. Lambert Street in Philadelphia
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
Inherited old home with unfinished basement.
Vicinity of S. Mildred St. in Philadelphia
My basement is totally unfinished. I need everything done, floor, walls, ceiling.
Vicinity of South Lloyd in Philadelphia
Water proof basement
Vicinity of Harbison Avenue in Philadelphia
I would like an estimate to remodel my basement making it into a an apartment
Vicinity of Robbins Street in Philadelphia
Good afternoon, My basement needs waterproofing. First, eliminating the water from entering,
Vicinity of in Philadelphia
We live in a newly constructed/gut rehabed Philadelphia row home. Recently, we noticed that our finished basement has ground water intrusion during significant rain/flooding events. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it seeps in from one particular area (on one side of the basement)along the floor and we do not have a pump or drainage system.
Vicinity of E. Vernon Road in Philadelphia
Mold and dampness
Vicinity of McClellan Street in Philadelphia
My basement walls are constantly damp and in need of some repair. I am also affraid of mold because of it. Would like an estimate to correct this issue. Thank you,
Vicinity of South Felton Street in Philadelphia
Basement remoldeing,Install Bathroom,counter-top,cabinets Cedar closet, drop ceiling, light fixtures, paint pipes and tile floor.
Vicinity of Waverly Street in Philadelphia
I have a crawl space under my kitchen. I am fed up with bugs and crickets getting in and now mice scaring the living daylights out of me - I draw the line at mice which is something new. There's also a rain water drain pipe running from the yard through the crawl space I think is cracked or else water is coming in from somewhere. I was curious what you could do.
Vicinity of W. Zeralda Street in Philadelphia
I would like an estimate to convert my basement into an extended living space. The goal is to have a bedroom and a bathroom in the space, but I would also like to have the space framed for a future project. I plan to convert the basement into a one bedroom apartment in the future but I need a bedroom and a bathroom sometime this year.
Vicinity of Benson St in Philadelphia
My basement takes in water during heavy storms and I'd like to look at options to waterproof the basement. Also, I believe there may be mold on the walls which I'd like to take to remove as well. Thank you.

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