Work Requests in Coatesville

Basement Systems USA is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Coatesville. Learn more about Basement Systems USA's recent work requests in Coatesville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Basement Systems USA'S recent work requests in Coatesville, PA
Vicinity of Durhamm in Coatesville
Crack is basement wall. Only leaks in extreme rains.
Vicinity of Martins Corner Rd in Coatesville
We are looking for two specific areas of our 4yr. carpeted basement to be re-floored with possible water proof flooring and would like an estimate on this process.
Vicinity of Anderson St in Coatesville
Need an estimate for finishing my basement and adding a full bathroom.
Vicinity of Cornwall Pl in Coatesville
We are selling our home. the inspection showed some cracks in the basement foundation. We need an estimate to repair the cracks.
Vicinity of Beacon St in Coatesville
Water has been coming in through our Bilco doors and seeping through the concrete and into a room in our basement. Please let me know options to fix this and pricing. Questions welcome.
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Avenue in Coatesville
Possible termite/structural damage that we would like to have examined.
Vicinity of Schoolhouse Ln. in Coatesville
Water remediation/sump pump replacement.
Vicinity of N Barley Sheaf Rd in Coatesville
Had water in basement for first time in 11 years. Have existing French drain
Vicinity of Lafayette St. in Coatesville
I need an estimated to have a have sump pump installed.
Vicinity of Schoolhouse Ln. in Coatesville
Basement waterproofing/refinishing.
Vicinity of Ashberry Ln in Coatesville
I have mold in my basement and I need to treat the area as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Dana Drive in Coatesville
Water enters basement during heavy rains or long periods of rains at foundation slab and wall.
Vicinity of Creamery Rd in Coatesville
I need to have my basement checked out immediately and was wondering when is the nearest possible time you guys could come check it out. Thanks Kyle
Vicinity of Doe Run Road in Coatesville
My first concern is the financing of the project. Do you offer ways to finance the remodeling of a basement? Interested in increasing the space in my home without building an addition and increasing the insulation as well as getting rid of a wet basement.
Vicinity of N. Mt Airy Road in Coatesville
Basement leaks
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Dr in Coatesville
I have a crack in my basement wall where I can see daylight. Would like a quote to have this repaired. Thanks!
Vicinity of Kingsway Drive in Coatesville
Mold and our health
Vicinity of Leeward Street in Coatesville
We need a mold inspection for a foreclosure property we are attempting to buy. There has previously been water damage because the home was not winterized. The bank has repaired the damaged walls and replaced all carpet. We want to be sure there is not mold remaining. We conducted a test ourselves (Home Depot mold kit) and found some mold spores. We want the property to be professionally checked.
Vicinity of Franklin Street in Coatesville
Get an estimate on completing my basement, flooring the first floor, changing master's bath, and painting.
Vicinity of Charles St in Coatesville
I have a finished basement with a bathroo. I recently had a seweage and water back up. I have a compnay taking out the damaged area now. I would like to refinish and waterproof my basement.
Vicinity of Bridle Path Lane in Coatesville
Part of my finished basement is damp. I am not aware of the cause and would like you guys to check it.
Vicinity of Rachel Lane in Coatesville
Getting water leakage along cracks in the poured concrete foundation. One crack is starting to leak profusely.
Vicinity of in Coatesville
It is poured concrete floor with block walls. We have water coming in at the base of the back corner of the home.
Vicinity of Cambridge Rd. in Coatesville
We had wood paneling in our basement. When we ripped it down, we disvoered black mold on the drywall behind the paneling. We would like to get a quote to remove the mold and fix the problem.
Vicinity of Overlook Drive in Coatesville
Problem one: Seepage where the floor meets the wall. Problem two: When long heavy rain occurs, water comes through the conduit for the well lines.
Vicinity of Shepherds Way in Coatesville
Our home is 7 years old and we've experienced "water issues" just about everytime we get a substantial amount of rain fall (1" or more in a short amount of time.) It's gotten to the point, where a permanent solution is needed.
Vicinity of in Coatesville
My basement took on water twice this weekend. Previous to that it only happened once in the two years i lived here. I thought it was a rainspout issue. It is coming in on one corner of the house. I need an estimate for work/repair on this issue and then possible waterproofing.
Vicinity of in Coatesville
Our house was built in the 1920s. Recently, the stone basement walls began to bow. Not sure if it is connected to street work the city did in August. Would like to get your recommendation.
Vicinity of Beufort Court in Coatesville
Open space in deep basement - would like to finish apprx 800 sq ft of space.

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