Work Requests in Baltimore

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Learn more about Basement Systems USA'S recent work requests in Baltimore, MD
Vicinity of Worthington Road in Baltimore
Water in basement with rain storms - has ruined a lot of things. Need help!
Vicinity of N.Potomac St Baltimore Md in Baltimore
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Vicinity of Maple Ave in Baltimore
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Vicinity of W. Rogers Avenue in Baltimore
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Vicinity of Bucknell Road in Baltimore
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Vicinity of Edgewood Street in Baltimore
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Vicinity of Ailsa Ave in Baltimore
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Vicinity of Brinkwood Rd in Baltimore
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Vicinity of Crosswood Ave in Baltimore
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Vicinity of N Calhoun St in Baltimore
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Baltimore
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Vicinity of Medfield Avenue in Baltimore
My basement is fully done except for improvement
Vicinity of Montpellier Street in Baltimore
Water seeps into my basement floor and I don't know from where. It doesn't appear to come from any wall but start at middle of the floor. Maybe there's cracks....I don't know
Vicinity of PRICE AVE in Baltimore
Basement leak
Vicinity of Lincoln Dr in Baltimore
Basement Wall crack - water leakage
Vicinity of Edgar Terrace in Baltimore
Water is coming through the wall in my basement.
Vicinity of Pinewood Ave in Baltimore
I have mold. water leaks and a smell
Vicinity of in Baltimore
Looking to get house tested for mold and if positive have it treated. Family has been dealing with pesky, lingering symptoms that seem like they could be mold related.
Vicinity of Bowleys Lane in Baltimore
Replace sump pump
Vicinity of Price Avenue in Baltimore
Looking to have current sump pump drain in egress basement stairwell replaced. Only one drainage valve appears to be functional and current drain frequently clogs with debris.
Vicinity of Mchenry in Baltimore
Mold on drywall
Vicinity of Frankford Ave in Baltimore
Wall cracking, water issue, foundation issue
Vicinity of Hamilton Ave in Baltimore
Unfinished crawl space under home, musty oder often in house and afraid that pests may be able to live down there. Would like a inspection to see what can be done to fix this problem.
Vicinity of Allendale Road in Baltimore
Sump pump stop working last night. Had to pump water all night long!!
Vicinity of Lyndale Ave in Baltimore
I would like to get a estimate to water proof a few areas .
Vicinity of Newburg Ave. in Baltimore
Rancher crawlspace needs mold clean-up/mosture mitigation and dry-rotted joists and center beam sistered.
Vicinity of Cross Country Blvd. in Baltimore
Our house is a little over 100 years old. The partly finished basement has had water in it many times, twice in the 20 years we've lived here. Since a French drain was installed 2 years ago, the perenially damp corner is better, but it is still damp at times. We'd like to know if more than a dehumidifier is needed, how to finally get it to stay dry all the time, and we'd also like the walls to be finished with water repelling paint, if that makes sense.
Vicinity of S Lehigh St in Baltimore
The basement bedroom is damp spots under the carpet and I'm concerned about a leak. There's a good chance it's sump pump related as my pump was damaged due to electrical problems during the summer.
Vicinity of Elmley Av in Baltimore
I had water damage to my bathroom in my basement in the floor and everything else and the floor on the outside of my basement I'm trying to find a contractor to look at my basement and give me an estimate
Vicinity of Rueckert Avenue in Baltimore
Leaks in basement walls. We don't have a sump pump
Vicinity of N. Chapel Gate Lane in Baltimore
Insulate crawl space.
Vicinity of Hickory Avenue in Baltimore
I had an inspection done in my house and the joists are supported by makeshift columns and have some WDO damage. We are looking for estimates to repair and or replace the joists. The floor can be accessed by a crawlspace with low clearance.
Vicinity of Littlewood Road in Baltimore
There is a crack in my basement wall, and I would like to have it looked at.
Vicinity of South Paca Street in Baltimore
Recent visit by a structural engineer informed me that three floor joists/beams behind the basement stair are badly deteriorated and are separating from the wall. Seeking a temporary support structure.
Vicinity of Glenarm Avenue in Baltimore
Water entering basement from crawl space
Vicinity of Hudson St in Baltimore
Water damage by crawl space in storage room. Would like to get the situation diagnosed. Thanks!
Vicinity of Gough St. in Baltimore
Need a basement leak in Baltimore row home fixed. Water is seeping in above/around electrical breaker box so I am concerned.
Vicinity of Kenleigh Road in Baltimore
Humidity zipping in at the bottom of the basement wall.
Vicinity of Northgate Rd in Baltimore
Mold after a flood. I want to make sure that it is treated if needed before we lay new flooring.
Vicinity of Foster Ave. in Baltimore
Hi, live in Baltimore City and have a finished basement. There is paneling with sheet rock behind. It seems that when it rains water comes into the basement and it looks like it also is coming down the walls. Just got a new roof coating thinking that was the problem, but with the rain the last couple of days, water is still coming in the basement. Any suggestions?
Vicinity of Old Frederick Road in Baltimore
My basement floor gets wet regularly when it rains
Vicinity of Mary Ave in Baltimore
Looking to get an estimate on waterproofing our basement.
Vicinity of Sinclair Greens Drive in Baltimore
Stains on wall and baseboard in basement
Vicinity of Kempton Park Circle in Baltimore
High humidity. Condensation on concrete basement floor. Condensation on family room floor directly above crawl space. Foul odor present. I would like to have the space sealed and insulated.
Vicinity of Luffing Court in Baltimore
I have been told in the past that we will need a french drain put inside previously
Vicinity of Kolb Ave in Baltimore
Water comes through whenever it rains
Vicinity of St. Paul Street in Baltimore
My house was built in 1889. Having some real mold and humidity problems in crawl space and brick floored basement. Seaking remedies.
Vicinity of Mount Pleasant Ave in Baltimore
Mold and/or mildew in basement. Only see on one side right now. But not sure. And mostly on walls.
Vicinity of Fords Lane in Baltimore
Crack in basement wall and water leakage.
Vicinity of Greenvale RD in Baltimore
We have mold growing in our basement and need it removed
Vicinity of Portland Street in Baltimore
Water comes up through the middle of the basement floor - not near the walls.
Vicinity of North Eden in Baltimore
I have a water issue in the service part of my basement
Vicinity of Cedarcroft Road in Baltimore
I have a crawl space below half my kitchen - it looks like the insulation is old probably dating from the 60's, I have no heat in the kitchen so would like to have that re-insulated and sealed.
Vicinity of McKim Ave in Baltimore
The basement has been flooding one to three times a year when we get very heavy rains. My mom had landscaping done to help alleviate the problem, but with her health issues over the past year, we haven't been able to do much about the prevailing musty odor and dampness. Items stored in the basement in unsealed containers are moldy and damaged. We're in the process of throwing everything down there out, but the floor and walls still smell. We just aren't sure how to eliminate the problem completely, and prevent it completely. Looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Ivanhoe Ave in Baltimore
Receiving water in basement from drain in outside stairwell. Water coming in through wall of basement.
Vicinity of W Lafayette Ave in Baltimore
Basement is wet...mold and mildew
Vicinity of Bonner in Baltimore
Wet basement
Vicinity of Brighton Stree in Baltimore
Basement & living areas
Vicinity of N. Lakewood Avenue in Baltimore
Basement has rotting ceiling and moisture in laundry area.
Vicinity of Bolton Street in Baltimore
Rental building which has 2 sump pumps. Would like to have them serviced/maintenance. Pumps function well with no issues.
Vicinity of Southway in Baltimore
Leaky basement, mold. Need help
Vicinity of Heathfield Road in Baltimore
Leaking basement during periods of heavy rain.
Vicinity of Mary Ave. in Baltimore
I have water coming through the exterior wall in my basement.
Vicinity of Spaulding Ave in Baltimore
I had a pipe that's leaking in my basement bathroom and mold was develop from the water damage
Vicinity of Lake Ave in Baltimore
The basement takes on water in heavy rain and has led to some mold growth in the past. We'd like to get a quote on waterproofing the basement to avoid the issue in the future. We need a quote as soon as possible, by Friday at the latest. Please call me asap.
Vicinity of Albemarle St in Baltimore
I have 3 floor joists that need replacing from wood rot. They are thick, 8x8, in a house built in 1880. It needs a new sill plate on one side. There will be sistering involved for two rooms on second floor. Stone foundation is good but needs some new mortar to resist water. I am also looking for water barrier to be installed and a sump pump. We can remove floor for easier access to floor joists. I am looking for a quote on these services. Thank you.
Vicinity of Cliveden Road in Baltimore
Hello: Do you install a drain tile/french drain in the basement? If so how much does something like that cost for 105 linear feet? thanks Ryan
Vicinity of Fair Oaks Avenue in Baltimore
Recent storms caused basement flooding when the sump pump failed. A new sump pump has been installed, but I want an estimate on a waterproofing system. There are also cracks in the concrete block walls that need to be corrected. It is an unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Sagra Rd in Baltimore
Basement leaking
Vicinity of Tramore Rd in Baltimore
Vicinity of Fordham Court in Baltimore
Basement water damage
Vicinity of Clover in Baltimore
Wet basement
Vicinity of Beverly Road in Baltimore
We had a flood in our basement- may be from a broken sump pump or drainage problems. Looking to get new/relocate sump pump, get French drain, drainage system. Thank you, Karen
Vicinity of Groveland in Baltimore
I have water running from behind my panel in the basement. I believe there may be a crack in the foundation. This happen every time it rains.
Vicinity of Greenspring Ave in Baltimore
Water due to recent rain storm.
Vicinity of Massachusetts Ave in Baltimore
Crawl space flooding for first time in 4 years.
Vicinity of Brown Avenue in Baltimore
We have an apt located on the 1st floor garden style that water is coming intot he wall, perhaps a foundation crack and we are interested in waterproofing.
Vicinity of Highview Ave in Baltimore
Wet basement
Vicinity of Haile Avenue in Baltimore
Wall at bottom of basement steps has a leaks from between blocks. Has one area that water shoots out. Also an area behind work bench leaks. Leaving for work but will be home after 3 on Thursday and will be home until 5 on Friday.
Vicinity of Willodale Avenue in Baltimore
I have a small area in my basement that is unfinished and water is getting in every time it rains.
Vicinity of Wendley Road in Baltimore
Old single family home with dugout basment. Basement is damp.., the sump pump and dehumidifier is constantly working. I recently had a migration team treat mold, rip up flooring baseboards and drywall. With the torrential downpour began to notice water along the base of the drywall with has halted reconstruct the basement. I am extremely frustrated at this point.
Vicinity of N Duncan St in Baltimore
With all the rain we have been getting, my basement is beginning to collect water within. I have not had issues with water in my basement since 7/2017 when I paid the contractor who rehabbed this home to seal the exteriors. It was not a great job done so I didnt rehire then to address the interior. However, I haven't had water in my basement till today. I am not sure who to contact so I am contacting as many experts as possible
Vicinity of Sylvan Drive in Baltimore
Leak in basement
Vicinity of L in Baltimore
Old dump pump is not working properly.
Vicinity of Leiden Road in Baltimore
Finished basement continues to flood
Vicinity of Alta Avenue in Baltimore
Back of basement gets wet when it rains hard
Vicinity of Stokes Dr in Baltimore
New sump pump and pipes under ground
Vicinity of in Baltimore
Water gets into basement every time it rain hard
Vicinity of Mondawmin Ave in Baltimore
I have water seeping into a small section of my basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Manorview Rd. in Baltimore
My Basement is taking in water, when it rains heavy, and there appears to be no visible point of entry.
Vicinity of Whitby Rd in Baltimore
Water seeping into basement can't tell where it's coming from during hard rain
Vicinity of E Northern Pkwy in Baltimore
Vicinity of Crismer Ave in Baltimore
What do you offer for basement water proofing besides the drainage system? We have been experiencing water accumulating on the perimeter of our basement walls from the front of the basement spreading to the back of the basement.
Vicinity of Ralworth Road in Baltimore
1939 townhome/rowhouse. Water flowing down stone foundation wall in basement.
Vicinity of in Baltimore
My basement has an old drop ceiling set up. The tiles especially in the center has started drop /droop down to the point of where a nice amount of the structure is about to calllapse. This has actually already happened and I have applied a temporary bush fix but it is getting bad again. The area im concerned about isn't that large. Please advise
Vicinity of Bradhurst Rd in Baltimore
Leaky pipe in bathroom basement caused mold on walls.
Vicinity of Oakley Avenue in Baltimore
Moisture stains testing was confirmed to be two types of mold. In the basement around the sump pump. I have to Perform remediation and repair by licensedprofessional and provide documentation.
Vicinity of Westwood Ave in Baltimore
Hydrostatic water issue in basement floor.
Vicinity of Edmondson Ave in Baltimore
Basement flooded 5/27/18. Sump pit appears rusted; need replacement. Would also like evaluation of basement walls and proposal.
Vicinity of South Decker Avenue in Baltimore
We would like a quote on a full basement waterproofing and mold remediation. We do not live in Baltimore, but are coming into town this week and wanted to see if we could meet up on either Monday or Tuesday, July 2nd or July 3rd. thank you!
Vicinity of Glenmore Ave in Baltimore
Basement is molded and needs to be repaired
Vicinity of S Rose Street in Baltimore
We are selling our property and it is under contract. The buyer requested waterproofing upgrades to the existing sump pump in the crawlspace. We'd like to better understand our options and potential costs.
Vicinity of North Franklintown Rd in Baltimore
Vicinity of Druid Hill Ave in Baltimore
Mold in basement
Vicinity of Bank Street in Baltimore
I need to install a Vapor Barrier in a crawl space in my basement.
Vicinity of Sequoia Ave in Baltimore
Water in basement after persistent and intermittent torrential rain during past months. Seeking best solutions and bids for repairs.
Vicinity of Orkney Road in Baltimore
We are interested in vapor barriers for large crawl space areas.
Vicinity of Parkwood Ave in Baltimore
I just moved into my home on June 4, 2018 and a few days into I noticed 2 new areas of mold in my basement. Both located in the corners of the house.
Vicinity of Mary Ave in Baltimore
Moisture in basement along baseboard.
Vicinity of Gittings Ave. in Baltimore
Need battery back up sump system replaced
Vicinity of Windblown Ct in Baltimore
Bedroom wall leak and mold smell.
Vicinity of Wedgewood Rd in Baltimore
Old musty smell in basements
Vicinity of Drury Lane in Baltimore
Last weekend during a rainstorm, water was coming into the basement at the junction of the foundation wall and floor.
Vicinity of in Baltimore
Our crawl space is very shallow. It is mainly a dirt floor, and we believe that moisture is coming up from the ground. We would like to get an estimate on how to prevent moisture from coming in, and possibly putting a vapor barrier between the crawl space in the ground.
Vicinity of Rockwood in Baltimore
Basement floods with waterwhen it rains
Vicinity of Kirk Ave in Baltimore
Vicinity of Kilkea Court in Baltimore
Vicinity of Park Heights Terr in Baltimore
Warter proof and finish basement
Vicinity of Juniper Road in Baltimore
Basement remodel/waterproof and window well repair
Vicinity of Cedardale Rd. in Baltimore
Need sump pump system
Vicinity of in Baltimore
Looking to get a quote on having a sump pump installed do not have one at this time
Vicinity of Copley Rd in Baltimore
Basement leaks when it rains
Vicinity of Boarman Ave in Baltimore
My basement flooded and is still leaking
Vicinity of in Baltimore
I would like an estimate for a crawl space clean out and possible mold
Vicinity of Gladstone Ave in Baltimore
Waterproofing & Basement finishing
Vicinity of Tucker Lane in Baltimore
Sump pump repair or replace
Vicinity of WARWICK RD in Baltimore
Vicinity of VENABLE AVE in Baltimore
Our basement is starting to pool water. The back of the basement isn't fully cemented over. We are wondering if something can be done to the grading or the basement itself.
Vicinity of Anntana Ave in Baltimore
There is flooding in the basement and it seems to be due to a crack in the foundation
Vicinity of S Conkling St in Baltimore
We need to seal/encapsulate a crawl space, adding a barrier to a humidity barrier to an opening that is about 12' wide by 7' high
Vicinity of Midfield Rd in Baltimore
Vicinity of North Decker Ave in Baltimore
Water damage and mold
Vicinity of Elbank in Baltimore
Mold inspection
Vicinity of Surrey in Baltimore
Basement remodeling
Vicinity of S EXETER ST in Baltimore
Planning to simply finish basement, including wall painting and flooring
Vicinity of Erdman Ave in Baltimore
Water cane in basement for a week couple of months ago from water main break 2 doors away landlord had cleaning people to come clean carpet a month later they think it might be mold around baseboard but weren't for sure now there is a odor and it was so bad it triggered my asthma my daughter room is there she has asthma as well as and it has been flaring up so I want to be sure if it's mold
Vicinity of Charraway Road in Baltimore
I am concerned about possible mold and air quality in my home.
Vicinity of The Alameda in Baltimore
I believe my home may have active mold and would like to get a free estimate on cost to remediate.
Vicinity of Roland Ave in Baltimore
I would like a water backup system installed for my current sump pump & my current pump situation assessed.
Vicinity of Geland Avenue in Baltimore
Water coming in through the front of the basement (under the porch). Mold has developed. Want to treat the mold and possibly get some type of protector to prevent from happening again.
Vicinity of Saint Martins Road in Baltimore
We have an old house with a basement that has several leaking window wells and other sources of incoming water. We'd like to water proof it as best as possible to make it usable. Thanks!
Vicinity of Pelham Avenue in Baltimore
Vicinity of Pelham Avenue in Baltimore
Water coming in the house
Vicinity of Rosemont Avenue in Baltimore
Wet basement
Vicinity of N Eden St in Baltimore
Health problem, and want to turn into a club basement.
Vicinity of Dartmouth Glen Way in Baltimore
Probably has condensation problem in part of basement cause wet carpet and wet floor.
Vicinity of Elsinore Avenue in Baltimore
Basement full of mold on floor joist and surrounding areas.
Vicinity of N Longwood St in Baltimore
My basement recently had a flood in still trying clean it out but I think it may be mold down there and I have kids in my home
Vicinity of Edison Jwy in Baltimore
Water leaking from the basement
Vicinity of Benhurst Rd in Baltimore
I need estimate for new flooring, Sheetrock repair, new bathroom vanity and painting lowere level. Area has been cleaned after a sewage backup
Vicinity of E Pratt St in Baltimore
Hello, I have water leaking into my basement when it rains. It is in the back, unfinished part of the basement (sump pump is in front of the house). I would like to get a free estimate on what I can do to prevent water seeping in.
Vicinity of S Clinton in Baltimore
I'm in need of a sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Evergreen Ave. in Baltimore
Hello, I am interested in installing an electric backup sup-pump in my home. My current sup-pump works great but I'd like to have something turn on in an emergency power outage. Could someone give me an estimate?
Vicinity of Frankford in Baltimore
Creation of basement apartment. include substantial rework of heating system in this 5 unit mixed use building. Includes installaiton of stairs connecting 1st floor to basement
Vicinity of York Rd. in Baltimore
There is water leaking through and under basement wall, probably rain water.
Vicinity of in Baltimore
Vicinity of Sargeant in Baltimore
Wet basement caused mold
Vicinity of Marx Ave in Baltimore
Mold in my basement
Vicinity of Poplar Ter in Baltimore
I need my basement finished
Vicinity of Keswick Road in Baltimore
We have a basement with a very high ceiling but very little moisture. We would like to leave one wall showing the stone its made of.
Vicinity of Riverside Ave in Baltimore
Have a "basement systems" (I think two sump pumps and one waste upon in a dugout basement). A frozen pipeburst caused a lot of mud from the crawl space to come in and I would like to get the system checked to make sure no damage was done and that it's operating as normal.
Vicinity of Granite Avenue in Baltimore
I want to finish the basement. It is being used as a bedroom but not set up that way.
Vicinity of Frankford Avenue in Baltimore
Need estimate on crawl space insulation.
Vicinity of Fuselage Ave in Baltimore
Vicinity of Tioga Parkway in Baltimore
Basement unfinished
Vicinity of Regester Avenue in Baltimore
Our basement requires mold remediation, following an inspection that was just completed by an industrial hygienist. There is moisture in at least one wall and it's not clear what the source is. We have considered trenching and adding a sump pump. Also interested in an estimate on renovating the basement overall. Thank you.
Vicinity of Mueller St in Baltimore
I own a city home in Canton. The basement has a previously unaccessable dirt floor crawlspace. I would like to have it looked at. I also occaisonally have issues with my sump pump not draining completely. Access is limited to the area to a drywall panel you can access. Whomever inspects this, will need to be on the slender side to access it.
Vicinity of Herring Run Dr in Baltimore
I purchased a property in August and took out a 203k loan for mold remediation. The contractor claimed to be certified in mold remediation. However, I learned that his certification lapsed in 2015. I had the property tested and mold is still present. I would like an estimate for mold removal.
Vicinity of Font Hill Ave in Baltimore
I had water that came from my kitchen sink thru the basement and now their mole in the basement.
Vicinity of Riverside Ave in Baltimore
Need mild treatment and water damage assessment.
Vicinity of Ellen Ave in Baltimore
Concerns that there is mold present in my home, crawl space is leaking and am interested in a quote for mold removal if necessary and basemeny waterproofing in crawspace
Vicinity of Taplow Rd in Baltimore
We have a mold test that came back positive for penicillium mainly in the basement & some on the 1st floor. Would like a quote to remediate. Thanks
Vicinity of Newbern Ave in Baltimore
I am collecting quotes for the finishing of my basement
Vicinity of Aldershot Road in Baltimore
Vicinity of Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore
Need an egress access window in basement in existing space that allows egress not ingress
Vicinity of N Elwood Ave in Baltimore
Currently have a 30" door. Looking to replace that with an egress window but not sure that will work with code.
Vicinity of S Ellwood Ave in Baltimore
I want to finish part of my basement to accommodate for a bedroom and full bathroom. In order to make these rooms legal and up to code I will need to add height (currently 6'4, and need 7'). Therefore need to dig out the foundation of basement. I also plan to create a designated area for a utility room, but I don't think that portion of the basement needs to be dug out. Looking to understand the process of a project like this and get an estimate for work involved. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Baltimore
Crawl space insulation/ encapsulation
Vicinity of Dillon St in Baltimore
I am looking to get an estimate for a french drain, sump pump and back up installation, and mold treatment in my basement in January 2017. I have a town home in Canton 21224. I am trying to schedule a visit and estimate to get this started.
Vicinity of West Lake Ave in Baltimore
Non severe mold has been identified in our basement. We want quote to treat and verify
Vicinity of North Madeira Street in Baltimore
Water seepage on exterior wall of basement (old brick wall with French drain to sump pump. Looking to learn more about your solution.
Vicinity of N BENTALOU ST in Baltimore
My water heater was leaking I fear I my have moisture and mold.
Vicinity of E Pratt St in Baltimore
Water in basement from unknown source
Vicinity of Kenyon Ave in Baltimore
Mold in dining room and basement from a leaking toilet.
Vicinity of S Collington Avenue in Baltimore
We own a rental property in Baltimore, MD (Fells Point). Our current crawlspace door which consists of a slab of wood is inefficient, ugly and needs a better replacement. We need access to the crawlspace so we don't want to install a window, however we do need the door to be airtight considering it can get really cold in the winter on our first floor. We have no renters during the month of October and were hoping to have it serviced at that time.
Vicinity of Roundhill Road in Baltimore
I need to replace a basement window.
Vicinity of E. Lafayette Ave in Baltimore
Inner city row home has years of basement water damage; foundation is damaged; dirt from seeping under unsealed basement door; needs cleanout of standing water, water-damaged items, and dirt; needs mold remediation, abatement, and right now can only afford to waterproof the worst 2 of the 4 foundation walls.
Vicinity of Waldorf in Baltimore
Water proofing basement
Vicinity of Odonnell in Baltimore
Vicinity of Stanmore Road in Baltimore
We have a partially finished basement that we are looking to have remodeled/completely finished. We are in the information gathering stages and have some ideas as to what we are looking for but need estimates / designs.
Vicinity of Dover Street in Baltimore
Basement got wet because of recent storm.
Vicinity of Western Run Drive in Baltimore
Hi, I am looking for someone to come out and take a look at our basement/home to advise us and quote us on waterproofing, draining, etc.
Vicinity of Quarry Heights Way in Baltimore
Slight water intrusion in walkout basement in end of group town home.
Vicinity of South Durham in Baltimore
I have a leak in my crawlspace which is causing the wood to warp and the floor to sink. I would need the leak fixed and the joists replaced.
Vicinity of N Patterson Park Av in Baltimore
Mold damage basement
Vicinity of S Wolfe Street in Baltimore
Can,t stop water from following onto basement floor
Vicinity of Simmonds Ave in Baltimore
Basement floods with heavy rain. Sump pump set up is not effective, it cannot collect enough water to pump out.
Vicinity of South Washington St in Baltimore
My basement crawlspace needs to be insulated in order to bring it into conditioned space.
Vicinity of Carthage Rd in Baltimore
Mold, waterproofing and basement finishing.
Vicinity of Roland Heights Ave in Baltimore
We bought a new house and the basement floor is disgusting red/brown asbestos tiles. It DOES NOT get clean and the color seems to rub off when we attempt to clean it. Puddles of water don't dry on the floor when we wash it, and it stays wet for days. It's horrible and we're sure it's giving us cancer. We do not want to remove the asbestos tiles, but want to cover them up safely. We are young (in our 20s) and want to do this in the most economical way possible. We are open to stained/painted concrete, epoxy, carpet! Our basement is very dry, with full-height ceilings, and is under 1,000 sq ft. I'm curious for an estimate of what a project like this will cost us.
Vicinity of Ensor in Baltimore
Water coming in the walls and floor
Vicinity of Dunkirk Road in Baltimore
I would like a basement waterproofing assessment.
Vicinity of Winthrope Avenue in Baltimore
Basement floor becomes wet during heavy rains. water comes in at rear wall. rear drain also clogged with dirt/mud.
Vicinity of Ramona Ave in Baltimore
Trying to finish basement.
Vicinity of Garrison Blvd in Baltimore
Water coming threw wall and base of wall.
Vicinity of Towson Street in Baltimore
Seeking Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Paddington Road in Baltimore
I am looking to have my crawl space encapsulated.
Vicinity of Keswick Rd in Baltimore
I own a older row house.The basement has had water issues in the past i.e. damp, small leaks, etc.
Vicinity of LAKEWOOD RD in Baltimore
Water in floor in basement. Looks like its from the walls. Need an expert.
Vicinity of Greenhill Ave in Baltimore
I have a very minor water leak in my basement I would like repaired.
Vicinity of Haubert St in Baltimore
I am interested in basement leak repair and waterproofing.
Vicinity of Springdale Ave in Baltimore
Basement unfinished
Vicinity of Wyman Park Drive in Baltimore
Basement is unfinished, floors and walls seep ground water after rain. No sump pump system installed and walls appear to be in desperate need of waterproofing.
Vicinity of East Avenue in Baltimore
Have an 18'x18' utility building with full basement, poured concrete walls. One wall has a major crack, 4' vertical, and wall is being bowed in. Horizontal area affected is about 8'.
Vicinity of W Heath St in Baltimore
I have a brick wall that is bulging 3-5 inches. I would like a quote onto straighten the wall.
Vicinity of Beason St in Baltimore
I have a crawlspace that is approx 1300 sq ft.
Vicinity of Wildwood Ave in Baltimore
We have water leaking in through our basement floor in one of the corners of the basement. It has tried to be fixed once but it did not work and water is still coming through.
Vicinity of in Baltimore
2 partial french drains to my already installed sump pump
Vicinity of Lasalle Ave in Baltimore
Rodents and piles of dirt
Vicinity of Elbank Ave in Baltimore
Water leaking into basement. Water coming from the wall.
Vicinity of N Kenwood Ave in Baltimore
Water is getting in and I don't know the source of the problem
Vicinity of Sunny Thorn Road in Baltimore
Hi, My basement has a corner where the baseboard gets damp but the carpet doesn't get wet. Was wondering if someone could come out and take a look at it and provide an estimate? Thanks!
Vicinity of Coleraine Road in Baltimore
Roughly refinished our basement about two years ago only to recently tear it all out due to water damage. I would like to consider having it professionally remodeled if not all just a look at sealing the floor and adding another pump system. Not sure where to begin with all of this.
Vicinity of S Ann St in Baltimore
I have a sump pump in my basement. I need to have a french drain installed to keep the water from flowing towards my furnace. I am looking for an estimate.
Vicinity of Moreland Ave in Baltimore
Standing water basement, source unknown....
Vicinity of Elliott St in Baltimore
Finish basement. Waterproof
Vicinity of Marglenn Ave in Baltimore
The left side of my home is shifting. There are many foundation cracks and water comes up through the ground.
Vicinity of NORTH MILTON AVENUE in Baltimore
Vicinity of S Wolfe St in Baltimore
Wet crawlspace, looking to encapsulate
Vicinity of Mary Ave. in Baltimore
Water leaking into basement and pooling on opposite end from sump pump. Sump system appears to be working fine however the drainage system installed around the perimeter of the basement floor seems to be the problem. Need professional to help determine cause and solution to the problem. The basement is partially finished and the walls where the problem seems to be originating from are covered by drywall.
Vicinity of Columbus Dr in Baltimore
I need a quote on how much it would cost to fix my basement. The hurricane that came through messed up my flooring.
Vicinity of Highgate Dr in Baltimore
My basement floods every time it rains. I need a sump pump installed and possibly have my basement drained
Vicinity of Walnut Street in Baltimore
Good Evening: My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a home and it was disclosed that there was water damage in the basement. We are scheduled for a home inpsection on Friday, June 5 at 11 AM and would like to have a contractor meet us and provide a free estimate on the repair and explain if there is a lifetime warrantly associated with the repair and what that would cover. I am available between at the above listed numbers 10 am to 1pm M-F and all day Sat - Sun. Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing from a contractor soon.
Vicinity of West Garrison Avenue in Baltimore
How soon can I get a free inspection and estimate? Need system to mange basement water intrusion.
Vicinity of in Baltimore
Very very damp, wet basement.
Vicinity of Kinsey Ave in Baltimore
I have a finished basement where my old sump pump is located in my bathroom. I don't think it's working properly or installed correctly. I would like an inspection on it. I always have issues with water damage. The water comes from the basement toilet and overflows the entire floor causing the floor to become damage and buckle.

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