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Bowing Wall Repaired in Joppa, MD

This basement had a bowing wall, causing cracking and separation of the block. We installed the PowerBrace wall stabilization system to permanently stabilize this home's foundation wall. It comes with a 25-year warranty against further bowing, tipping or shearing. In addition, this system has the ability to be tightened periodically over time, putting reverse pressure on the bowing wall which helps to straighten it.  We also installed ThermalWall vapor barrier to keep moisture out and the warm air in. 

New Basement Stairwell Entry Created in Edgewood, MD

Our foreman Willie installing a new poured wall stairwell entry.

Stabilizing a Bowing Foundation Wall in Elkton

Cinder block wall often fail due to the weight of the soil, the weight of the water in the soil, and the pressure created by clay expansion when it gets wet. The result is that the walls bow inward and will eventually collapse unless repaired. 

The GeoLock Wall Anchor System is the best solution for bowed walls. This dead-man anchoring system is capable of reversing the pressure and stabilizing the wall. The GeoLock System has three main parts: a 9-foot threaded galvanized rod that extends out to the exterior ground anchor - a galvanized steel plus-sign-shaped plate which gets embedded in stable soil, away from the foundation of your house. The other end of the threaded rod goes through two steel channel anchors plates - one plate is attached on the exterior side of the wall, the other, in the exact location on the interior (basement) side of the wall. There is a bolt attached to the end of the rod that enters your basement. When that bolt is tightened, it creates reverse pressure and holds the wall securely in its current position. However, when the soil outside is very dry, the bolt can be tightened more to straighten the wall, and over time, the wall may straighten to its original position. Very cool indeed! This home in Elkton needed 10 anchors to repair the wall. 

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