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Pete Westera is the owner of Basement Systems USA and one of the leading authorities on basement waterproofing, crawl space, and foundation repair in the Baltimore, MD area, also serving Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that once their basement was properly waterproofed with a good drainage system and a sump pump, they will not need any additional moisture control measures. 

According to Pete, if the homeowner's objective is to transform the basement into usable space, it would be a disservice to the customer to simply install a waterproofing system and walk away without warning them about the need for a good dehumidifier. 

Basement moisture comes from several sources. A good drainage system, tied to a good sump pump, will only address some of the sources, but not all. The basement walls are still very porous and, as they sit straight against wet ground, there will always be some water consistently infiltrating the concrete and evaporating into the basement. Differences in temperature between the basement and its surroundings can also cause condensation issues. 

So without a dehumidifier to address these issues, there is a chance that during the warm and humid months, homeowners will find their basements with relative humidity levels above 60 or 70%, creating the ideal conditions for mold to thrive. A moldy basement impacts the entire house, ruining indoor air quality and triggering allergies in sensitive family members. 

Pete and his team at Basement Systems USA offer the powerful SaniDry Dehumidifier and Air Filter system. SaniDry is designed specifically for basements, monitoring and keeping moisture levels under control year-round, being virtually maintenance free. The unit self-empties into the drainage system or sump pit, so there are no trays to empty. 

Simply set the SaniDry and rest assured that it will keep moisture levels down, so that mold won't stand a chance -- and rid the air of mold spores, dust mite pellets and other allergens and harmful particles. 

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