Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Lynn C. in Abingdon, MD

I am extremely impressed with this company. They were highly recommended to me by my sister who used them years ago after she bought the house we grew up in. There was never a time when that basement did not smell damp and musty, and the paneling was getting eaten away from the floor, up, by mold. It didn't take a lot of rain before water would seep through the walls and up through the floor, leaving little puddles in places. It was a stinky wet mess and I thought she was crazy to put money into it. Long story short, Basement Systems did an amazing job, and her basement is now the place we have all of our parties and family gatherings. There isn't a trace of moisture or smell - even after the crazy amount of rain we had this past summer, which is when I started noticing that my own basement was getting water in it. I called my sister to get the name of the company. She said "Call them now. They are the best, and they are going to be busy." She is very opinionated, but she was right!! (I'll deny saying that, if she asks)!! Of course I wanted someone to come out ASAP, but they couldn't fit me in for three weeks. I was a little unhappy at first, but then I thought about what my sister had said, they are busy because they are good. So the day came for my work to start. I was told to expect them between 9:00-10:00, so I figured that meant noon. Nope! 9:12, there was a knock on my door and I was greeted by a man with a smile on his face and a crew ready to work. The foreman introduced himself and asked if I would do a quick walk-through with him to make sure all of my issues were addressed. We headed downstairs, and the crew immediately started bringing equipment and materials from their truck to the back entrance of the basement. I showed him where the water had come in and he explained what they would be doing. I was steeling myself to hear that it was a "bigger problem then he thought from what the salesman had estimated...blah, blah, blah". When that didn't happen, I told him what I had been thinking. He laughed and said that their inspectors (which, it turns out, is what they call their sale people) are very educated about their products and the work involved. He asked me if I had any questions, I didn't, so they got right to work. I peeked in a few times to offer drinks, etc, and they were cruising along like a well-oiled machine. They were all very polite and friendly,finished a little ahead of schedule, and cleaned up to where it looked better than when they started. We've had some hard rain, and after washing my car, I forgot to turn off the hose, and it ran for over 3 hours, right against the front wall of my house, and my basement is as dry as a bone! It was actually a pleasure dealing with this company - from the person who set up my estimate, to the crew who did the work. I believe they have integrity and I would recommend them, without hesitation, to anyone in need of this kind of work. I'm almost ready to have them back for my total basement finishing!! Just need to get rid of some of my junk!!!

- Lynn C. of Abingdon, MD
Friday, September 7th
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