The little house that would not sell

Thursday, September 18th, 2008 by Cynthia Freeney

Beautiful house with wet basement are hard to sellIt was a charming little house, located in one of the best little neighborhoods in the county, freshly painted and fairly priced. The seller even paid for a professional home stager to spruce up the place an entice buyers.

The real state agent was so excited when he first listed it. And just about every prospective buyer would fall in love with it, at first sight. Young  couples would discuss ways to decorate the rooms as they visited and their children would fight over the "coolest" or biggest bedroom.

Old couples would assign functions for each room, and comment on how they'd place a specific piece of furniture.

Judging by their initial reaction, you would think that the house would be sold in no time. But everything changed once they reached the basement. The heavy musty smell that came about as soon as the access door was opened would immediately silence even the most talkative buyer.

The small children would eventually speak up and say what the grown-ups wouldn't: "Eeeeeeeeeeeew, mommy! This place stinks!"

Fact is that the charming little house had a wet and moldy basement.

Wet basements are among the 10 things that will make buyers run away from a deal, and render your house very difficult, if not impossible to sell. Sellers will probably need to decrease the price considerably and sell the house as a "fixer-upper", even if everything else in it is in perfect conditions.

On the other hand, waterproofing and remodeling the basement prior to sale, will add that much room to your home as living area, therefore, increasing the property value.

A transferable warranty, offered by a reliable waterproofing contractor, will cover the buyer after the ownership is transferred, so that you the seller will not be held liable in the future.

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